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  1. Ok i dont know how many people make playlists for when your chilin feeling up there,, but if you do you should add it and also rate the one above you. Ok heres mine

    Stoner Boner

    1-9: Darkside of the Moon-Pink Floyd
    10.Rock Superstar-Cypress Hil
    11.Insane in the Membrane-Cypress Hill
    12.Flashing Lights-Kanye West
    13.Odd One-Sick Puppies
    14.Icky Thump-White Stripes
    15.Welcome Home-Coheed and Cambria
    18.Chop Suey-SOAD
    19.Freak on a Leash- Korn
    20.Bedrock- Young Money
    21.Every Girl- Young Money
    22.Must be the Ganja-Eminem
    23.Creep- Radiohead
    24.Date Rape-Sublime
    26.Wrong Way-Sublime
    28.Carress Me Down -Sublime
    29.Kill Rock n Roll-SOAD
    30.Scarlet Begonias-Sublime
    31.Smoke 2 Joints-Sublime
    32.Steppin Razor-Sublime
    34.Under My Vodoo-Sublime
    35.What I got-Sublime
    36.Shes Like Heroin-SOAD
    37.Violent Pornography-SOAD
    41.Deer Dance-SOAD

    Ok thats my playlist now write yours and keep tokin:smoke:
  2. late-night list

    1. bass head- bassnectar
    2. back for the first time- caspa
    3. ganja smugglin(live)- eek-a-mouse
    4. day in the life- woodie
    5. where im from- woodie
    6. mob livin- woodie
    7. two words- kanye west ft. mos def
    8. sharp cheddar- EOTO
    9. killa whale- dredog
    10. the ave- dredog
    11. jungle- dredog
    12. my mind's playin tricks on me- gheto boys
    13. me name jr. gong- damien marley
    14. sensi party- eek-a-mouse
    15. blow- bassnectar
    16. magical world- bassnectar ft. nelly furtado
    17. brazil- deamau5
    18. northern cali dippin'- woodie
    19. bammer weed- RBL posse
    20. smoke dope and rap- dredog
    21. hip hop- dead prez
    22. where's my money- caspa
    23. smokers club- mr. doctor
    24. fucc yo side- mr. doctor
    25. season of da sicc- brotha lynch hung
    26. northside soldier- woodie
    27. 7 minute freestyle- big L ft. jay z
    28. one love, one life- mos def ft. talib kweli
    29. mathematics- mos def
    30. drop- caspa and rusko
    31. chustard chucker- caspa and rusko
    32. thunk- EOTO
  3. my ipod play list is 800 hip hop songs :D
  4. Even my shortest playlist of chill stoned songs is 100 songs long.

    Take ages to type it all up.
  5. Haha well whats the first 30 bro? Just write anything. :smoke:
  6. i made this for my friend to bump in his car

    1. Ace Hood - Teach me How to Dougie Freestyle
    2. Ya Boy - That Rocka [Hard in the Paint Freestyle]
    3. Wiz Khalifa - Damn it feels good to be a Taylor
    4. Young ca$h - gettin' that cheez
    5. Crooked I - One Mic
    6. Z-Ro - Mr. Hit That Hoe [Mr. Hit That Lick remix]
    7. Mac Miller - Another Night
    8. Freddie Gibbs - Breakin Necks
    9. Jay Rock - Regal Music [Super High remix]
    10. Chris Webby - La La La
    11. Tyga - Live Forever
    12. Diggy Simmons - Great Expectations
    13. Will Victory - I Swurr
    14. Maino - I am not the One
    15. Big Sean - Final Hour
    16. Wale - The Breeze [Feat. Wiz Khalifa]
    17. XV - Squares
    18. Rock City - Run This Town Freestyle
    19. Yo Gotti - Done It All [the version WITHOUT boosie]
    20. Wiz Khalifa - Black & Yellow
    21. B.o.B - Bet I Bust Remix [Feat. T.I & Playboy Tre]
  7. From My Playlist "Blazed?" just some of it.

    1. Clay - Atmosphere
    2. Big Freestyle - Big L
    3. Jizm - Blaque Spurm
    4. A Penny For My Thoughts - Common Sense
    5. Take It EZ - Common Sense
    6. Light Another - Cypress Hill
    7. Latin Lingo - Cypress Hill
    8. A Luv Supream - Da Nuthouse
    9.Fa Sho - Devin The Dude
    10. Too Many Suckas - Hilfiguez - DJ Premier
    11. Tonite - DJ Quik
    12. I Know You Got Soul - Eric B and Rakim
    13. No Woman, No Cry - The Fugees
    14. I'm Shittin On Em - Funkdoobiest
    15. The Militia II - Gangstarr
    16. B.Y.S - Gangstarr
    17. Precisely The Right Rhymes - Gangstarr
    18. Geto Boys And Girls - Geto Boys
    19. I Gotcha Back - GZA
    20. B.I.B.L.E - Killah Priest
    21. True To The Game - Ice Cube
    22. It Was A Good Day - Ice Cube
    23. About 10 Jay-Z songs that I cbf typing.
    24. D Original - Jeru The Damaja
    25. Jungle Musik - Jeru The Damaja
    26. To Da Break Of Dawn - LL Cool J
    27. Not Tonight - Lord V.I
    28. Take A Look Around - Master Ace
    29. About 8 Nas Tracks. See 23.
    30. 40 oz. - Native Nuttz
    31. Everyday Struggle - Biggie
    32. Ready To Die - Biggie
    33. Yah Dayz Are Numbered - NYGz
    34. Invincibly Invincible - Primeridian
    35. Just About All Of The Low End Theroy and Midnight Maraurderers.
    36. Bedtime
    37. RSI in my fingers.
  8. "chill music"

    1.kid cudi-i be high
    2.drake- light up
    3.wiz khalifa- waken baken
    4.wiz khalifa - still blazin
    5.erykah badu- on & on
    6.kanye west - devil in a new dress
    7.kid cudi - hyyyer
    8. lil wayne- pmw
    9. lil wayne- kush
    10. lil wayne- single
    11.john mayer- gravity
    12.mgmg- electric feel
    13. incubus- are you in
    14. j cole- i get up
    15. rick ross- cigar music
    16. bob marley- waiting in vain
    17.lupe fiasco- hip hop saved my life

    ummm got tired of typing lol
  9. Same here, lets just say that it mostly consists of heavy/death metal and screamo/electronica.
  10. Awesome posts people half of these songs I didnt even know til now and imma prob go ahead and listen to some.:hello::smoke:
  11. you guys got some dedication typing that much. im baked:bongin:

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