new stemless tube.

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  1. This is proof that 90 bucks can buy a whole lot of American made tube...


  2. Pretty cool tube. Where'd you get it?
  3. its an etsy piece.
  4. simple glass ftw .
  5. That thing is sweet, deff pretty original. I like it!
  6. does it have a logo on it??? i didnt see that on the etsy pics :D niccce pickup, i was thinkin bout gettin one but i was waiting for someone else to dive in first :p
  7. Yea I remeber the thread about these. Lets get a full review

  8. Yeah I was wondering about the logo too. And same about waiting for someone else to get one first lol :D.

  9. First off lets start out with this tube rips like crazy. There is almost no drag it clears like a dream. I will post some milk vids up when I get some one over here to run the camera. This piece might have just kicked my 9mm out of the Daily Driver position. Yes it has a logo on it but its just a translucent sticker that I plan on taking off when I clean it for the first time.
  10. what does the logo say? pics of logo?

    awesome tube btw.
  11. it just says Simple in bold black vertical letters with the url in small horizontal letters beneath.
  12. thats a nice ass tube for 90 bucks.. great that he reinforced the joint to the tube itself...
  13. sweet!
    fill it with glass stones!

  14. Looking forward to those vids bro!

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