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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by hippie john, May 13, 2003.

  1. i've got about 15 clones that are currently ~12" under a single 13w flouro for rooting. still in the precess of making a veg/flowering room with a single 150watt HPS security light from home depot for $59. does anyone know a place to get a 150w HPS for cheaper? anyway, I'm gonna let them root for a week and put 'em under the 150watt next week. think this is good or bad? i wish i could get pics but dont have the digital at the moment:)
  2. sound good to me. You might want to throw another floro over them for now so they grow faster. What isle is the security lights in i looked last time and couldnt find any?
  3. good luck with the grow hippie john.......Peace out.......Sid
  4. Thanks guys:) i got the wood for my cabinet today and will start cutting and building tomorrow:D
  5. my cabinet is almost finished and now its time to start on the SWC bubbler bucket and the 150 reflector. My clones (5 of them are doing great, other 2 died) are around 5" tall now so another inch or two and its flowering time! i better hurry up and finish my box in time;)
  6. HIGH All, right on hippy john. One thing about Hydro is that you have to be able to clean your reservoir or Bucket after a few solutions, if not you'll get a build up of alge. I do mine every week.
  7. yeah. I dont have enough money at the moment for a hydro setup, so i'm gonna use soil for this one. on 3 of the plants the bottom leaves have turned yellow, as with some of the newer leaves. I figured it was a magnesium deficientcy and gave them a 1/2 tsp epsom salt with a quart of water.
  8. did that do the trick with the salt?
  9. has the cheapest grow lights, but when i mean i cant afford it, i mean i'm fuckin broke. i have $50 to buy the 150w HPS at home depot and an extra $7 for some liquid soluable fertilizer. if anyone has some info on getting ajob it would be much appreciated.

    P.S. the new growth is doing OK, but the bigger, older leaves are still like pure yellow. I tink they'll fall off, but thats normal, so no big deal.
  10. i'll have o check boeing surplus out. but today I'm going to home depot to get the 150w HPS, 7 strap hinges (I havent got the doors attached yet), 3 Drawer locks, and some fertilizer (peters 20-20-20, and a bloom fert.) last night i got all the insides painted flat white, and just gave it another coat now. gotta catch the metro into issiquah then walk ~ 1.5miles to get to home depot:(.

    Will keep ya updated as i finish the light (i already bent the reflector, now its waiting for the light;)). i wish i had a camera, but dads got it:)
  11. Sounds like your babies will have a nice new home!!! I like your idea, let us know how it works out. :)
  12. Yeah, i'm in washington, about 15 Miles frm issiquah. we should have a session on my new 3 Gallon WaterPipe:D. Yeah, i just got back from home depot, and got all the stuff i wanted (- the door locks, too expensive) the HPS i got is a 150 from "the designers edge" it was $45. I also got a 1.5lb box of Schultz all purpose 20-20-20 plants food. and a 1.5lb box of Miracle Grow Bloom Booster 10-52-10. plus the 7 3" strap hinges.The total came to like ~$63, pretty good I'd say.

    But yeah, where are you at THC101 (PM me) cause i've got like 2 oz, plus some stuff for making some hash, so we should meet up and toke some time:)
  13. i got the doors on, now its just a matter of installing eye hooks and getting the reflector installed and wired, then its just a circulation fan (for now) and my babies can move in:)
  14. reflector is installed, now its just a matter of wiring the light and fans and shes done:D
  15. yay!! all main wiring is done, so the mothers room is all that needs to be finished. the flowing chamber is up and running.:D
  16. i got 6 2" PVC 90's, and 10' of 2" PVC pipe for the ventilation tubes yesterday at home depot. gonna be installing that stuff today.:)
  17. i'll try and get some pics this friday (well, tommorow i guess). I still need to figure out a better cooling system, i think so more comp fans should do the trick:)
  18. alright, enough is enough. those piss-ass little comp fans arent doing shit, a little air circulation but thats it. I've decided to go with my 102CFM squirrel cage fan, its alittle noisy, but i'll figure out a way to quite it down. at first i was thinking of taking the 2900CFM fan off my coal forge and putting it in there, but its loud as fuck. plus, by changing the air of the entire volume of my box ~2.5 times every second, i think it might suck the plants up with it, or collapse the box itself.:eek: but anyway, i'm gonna use the 102, and will probably install a dimmer switch to it for adjustment. so if anyone has any Fan noise reduction tips, i'd be a very happy hippie:)

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