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    I recently got this spoon from Morehead City and was wondering it's origins. The guy I talked to when buying it dropped the name Frank as the guy who blew it, so I'm assuming Frank is a glassblower out of N.C. If anyone has any info of who this guy is that'd be awesome. The picture sucks, it's not really a dark green, it has some metallic sparkle to it with nice glass work. It has unique colors and I love it.

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  2. Wow! That's a really cool looking spoon there.

  3. Thanks! It hits super smooth and heavy.
  4. I like the colors, how much was it?

  5. It was $71, pretty pricey, but it went towards a local artist and I just love the colors.
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    I changed the picture to a better one. The lighting in the last one was not flattering at all.
  7. Frank...O, I have heard of "Frank". He is a Chinese glass blower known as "Frank Bu". 坦率


  8. Thankss, but not quite haha. I've heard his last name before but I can't quite remember it. I know it wasn't Bu lol.
  9. I gotta say... i don't like the line of pink coloring it has... I'm not against pink... But it just doesn't suit the rest of the bowl.

  10. I love the pink, I'm a fan of a wide range of earthy colors. But personal preference is always going to vary. :wave:
  11. Awesome man!! It looks like quality glass, I wish I had it
  12. That is pricey, but sometimes what you have to have isn't cheap.
    Did you try and haggle the price down?

  13. Not really even though I should have. The guy working wasn't friendly at all, not like the last time I was there. Expressions prices have gone up a lot since their move to a new location, but then again headshops around here aren't cheap at all. I could've bought online and saved money, but idk, I like the process of picking something out in person. I'm happy with it. :smoke:
  14. Yeah i really like buying stuff in person, the waiting for your order sucks. Sometimes you just cant beat the prices online.

    That sucks man, if your gonna work a head shop(or any business front for that matter) you need to courteous and helpful.

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