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  1. i was up visiting some friends in New Paltz, so i figured i should get a bowl as a souvenir
    the pics with my chillum, the pics i took of it all came out fuzzy.


    came to 33 with tax.
  2. Not really a fan of chillums, but that one looks pretty sik. Kinda reminds me of cherry blossoms

  3. Yea i agree the cherry blossom look around the mouth part is pretty sweet

    That sounds a little pricey for a bowl, you may want to try and barter with the guy next time to get a better deal
  4. yea it was deff on the steep side, ive always wanted a pink bowl, and this one fit the bill. the guy in the shop was an asshole too. i was asking to look at this hammer which i couldnt tell if it had a downstem to make it a bubbler, so i asked if it was a bubbler, to which he gave me a 5 mins speach about they dont sell bubblers bong there for tabbaco use only yada yada. :mad:
  5. Super Sexy! Props man, really :D

    I wish I had gotten a glass bowl, but i just went from joints/blunts

    straight into bubblers, vapes, etc. I feel like i got cheated a little:devious: lol:p

    To the poster above ^^^ grats on your 420th post! :hello: :smoking:
  6. Nothing but love out to that super neat spoon.

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