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New Spoon

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Mr.X, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. just bought myself a new glass spoon ... ans since i've never tried glass b4 i wanted to try it out .. and its awsome .... i love my new glass piece ... it looks good and it its sturdy ... looks like it was well made.. and they sold it to me for 40$ CAN ... good buy...
  2. happy chrismtas merry newyears!
  3. cool dude i am getting a new glass piece this week. i'll let everyone know how it works out
  4. heh man, what place are you getting it at? not the one you brought me too, the change or something? let me know...
  5. smokin joes dude you should come down and get it with me and get one yourself oh yea and bring me back ali
  6. Yes glass is the best smoking tool ive found, I have 3 glass bongs. Im hoping to soon have a glass bong for every day of the week.
    Also download my MMORPG www.geocities.com/j_sin1605/MetalCore.html


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