New Spoon :)

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  1. New Spoon :)


  2. Nice, definitely looks like decent quality glass. Thick AF too.
  3. Fuckin sexy how much
  4. only cost me $55 lol
  5. I gotta get a Pic of my spoon when I clean it, I found it but Id say its a $55 piece cause the glass is so thick and it has some nice work done to it, along with the fact that it hits great!

    Id love to smoke your pipe,lol.
  6. sick, love the colors. Looks reall high quality
  7. nice bowl bro, digging the colors
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    Very nice bowl.
    I love the simple coloration and the design on the bowl.
    For 55 bucks, I would definitely buy it!
    How's it smoke dude!?
  9. DAYUM! ill as fuck!
  10. I dig it for sure.

  11. Well my dumb ass friend broke it so I wont be showing pics of it. I will be getting a new dry piece, Bubbler, mini bong, and MFLB when i get my second or third paycheck after I get a job in the very near future.

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