new spoon and some bud

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by nikot, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. Picked up a half o for $200. Damn Chicago's high prices.

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  2. ..another.

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  3. close up on this biaatch.

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  4. and the bowl.

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  5. yea that price is a bit high (for me at least, gg wisconsin) but still looks like some nice bud

  6. $200!!!!??? dam u should come down here to florida, lol u can get a 2 ounces of high quality stuff for that much. man o man
  7. Yeah. $60 an 8th is normal around here.
  8. Hmm thats odd. Its $50 for a danky 8th up here in wisconsin. should be at least a little lower where u are. hmm oh wells. our prices suck compared to cali (where i am on vacation right now)
  9. its $50 an 8th round here.
  10. wow $200 will be me an ounce down in toronto........
  11. thats a nice little pipe, what did that cost you?
  12. yea i just noticed the pipe too, looks nice. does the chamber actually fill up? from the looks of it, it just passes in that little tube in the middle of the chamber. am i mistaken?
  13. The bowl was $20. The chamber does fill, it hits hard as hell.
  14. no offense..... but i got that SAME EXACT shit...... i mean it looks just like it...... but mine only cost 20 bucks.... :). of course i got half of what you got :)

    not trying to tell you, you are an idiot or anything but....... 200 for that..... jesus. i just flat out wouldnt smoke.... hell herion is cheaper than that!
  15. I don't see what you people don't understand. Weed prices are different everywhere. $60 an 8th is normal around chicago, and if alot of other places.
  16. nice spoon....a little too small for my taste tho

    and yeah thats a grow my own if it was that expensive!....i get an ounce of danky mids for 120
  17. hey i live in chiago as well .. i sent u a PM ..

    i can get a O for 50-100 bucks easily ..if u ever need help send me a PM ..

  18. A bit costly, but it's nice bud nevertheless.
  19. around charlotte its usually 50 for a dank 1/8 and like 400 for a whole o
  20. Hell yeah man, When it comes to price,it's not just how's how much and how GOOD that shit is.

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