New South Park Tonight!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Ferris2000, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. so..i thot id go ahead and make myself the official southpark episode reminder person for gc...

    but...I CANT FUCKIN WAIT yet again...but things have changed this week oh yes... this time i have weed....score

    any1 els gonna tune in?
  2. i would but i then kickin it with the homies.

    haha, i loved last weeks tho. lmao
  3. Please beleive that my tv will be on comedy central tonight :)

    Gonna smoke a bowl right before it comes on
  4. I missed last week's, and I'm dry. Could thing get any worse? :rolleyes:
  5. I got graveyard tonite after my 3 hour d-a class.
  6. ^^ that sucks.

    Ill blow a bowl for everyone who cant watch it
  7. Oh man I cant wait. Im gonna be blazing a bowl right as the theme song hits:bongin:
  8. :yay: South Park groupies unite!

  9. hahahaahaha me too man haha
  10. I just picked up a fine looking gram for South Park tonight :)
  11. hahaha my weed alll set for the new episode
  12. Last week you were without a bag, I see this week you are prepared :smoke:
  13. damn right haha

    trey parker and matt stone are gods among men.....

    ...or just really funny people :D
  14. what time is it?
  15. 10 pm eastern
  16. haha yess u r correct wookies.... i am verry prepared this week hahaha cant wait
  17. aight, thanks

    then ill prob be watching it too
  18. good reminder i forgot about it
  19. U got the same as me bates and dan? it perfect for a new S.P.
  20. hahaha yepp same bud man

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