New South Park Tonight!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Ferris2000, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. just a huge fucking south park fan... new episode tonight with the return of CHEF!!! and start of season #10!!! w00t i cant fucking wait!!! i hav no weed tho :( hopefully sum1 round here pulls thru with a dime for me... any1 els watchin?
  2. haha what time? yea im watching southpark on youtube right now.
  3. 10pm est. 5 hours from now!
  4. i would have COMPLETELY forgot had you not made this thread....thank you sooooo much bro
  5. Comedy Network?
  6. yeppp u got it... same thing
  7. im going to have to tune in then.
  8. I'm there.

  9. I am guessing I live nowhere near you in Mass or else I would definatly smoke you up if I could..
  10. YES! Thanks man for reminding me, I definatley gota roll a blunt for this great event :D
  11. Thanks for the info!! .. and I'm getting a quap tonight too, haha.. going to be veryyy funn..
  12. haha prolly not bro im like 30min outta boston from the pike
  13. Im so fuckin pissed my tv is broken, I never miss a south park. Also sucks neither me or ferris have been able to find anyone around us with any bud :(
  14. Haha! YES! Finally, return of CHEF! Chef got pissed because they made fun of scientology, which is one crazy ass religon anyway, no offence so any scientologists. Issac Hayes(spelling?) is the guy who plays Chef, and he didn't get pissed when they made fun of christianity and stuff but when they go to his religon he shits his pants lol... Anyway, can't wait, 1 1/2hours left :D
  15. Damn, now that you mentioned it I'll have to stay up to see it. Damn you for making me stay up and smoke another bowl later haha j/k
  16. oh man ive been waiting for this day for weeks......about to pack up the steamroller and watch it....alllllllllllllllright
  17. South Park is probably the best television program I have ever watched. There are so many reasons and levels to appreciate it on. Genius. :smoke:
  18. damn it. we just moved recently and we have not yet set up the cable. We only have the main channels.........

    .........:cry: :cry: im not gonna be able to see it!! Fill me in on how AWSOME it is- but don't make me jealous. tehehe.

    10 seasons already!! Cheers for 10 more!
  19. Yes! Only 10 minutes till I can fire up this bowl
  20. :hello::hello: HEAR HEAR! I'll smoke to that! :smoke:

    Welcome to the City xCPx! :wave:

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