New Sobe Waterfall Bong (Homemade)

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  1. Just put this Sobe Waterfall bong together myself, homemade craft :). First waterfall bong ever that i've made, tell me what you think. I used hot glue to seal it up, leaks a very tiny drip every 15 seconds, not bad though.
  2. You are going to have a blast with that I know i did. :smoke:

    Ooo and ur not gonna have to fill it with water every time. Dang your done. see you in another dimension.
  3. How is this a waterfall? I just see a Sobe bottle with a clever bowl. Isn't the water supposed to pour out of the bottom as it sucks smoke in through the cap?
  4. Uh, i'm new to smoking but I thought waterfall was like this one, and gravity bong is what your talking about because it's gravity that pulls the water and smoke from the bowl.
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    Hell yes man. I actually had a dealer show me how to do that. lol Got a dealer that is amazing kinda like Saul in Pineapple Express. Smokes me out everytime. :D

    Edit: hmmmm I made it into a grav bong. If you remove where you put the bowl attachment (or just go buy another bottle) and drill a whole in the cap to place a screw bit for bowl. Cover whole, fill up with water, put cap on, ignite marijuana while removing finger from whole, and watch gravity work. :D
  6. haha getting me excited man..
  7. looks awesome
  8. They call it a "Waterfall" because when you release your finger from the hole at the bottom of the bottle the water comes out like a waterfall and pulls down the smoke until there is no water left.

    A GRAVITY bong, on the other hand, is when you have a bottomless bottle submerged in a bucket with only the top poking out (The bowl) and when you light the bow, you slowly pull up the bottle while it milks, keep pulling just before the bottle comes out of the water (Don't pull it all the way out!), unscrew the cap, and inhale while pushing the bottle back into the water so it gives you a massive rip all at once.

    THAT's what I call a waterfall bong.
  9. Ooooh I got you, yeah man that makes a lot of sense now. Haha thanks for the info for sure bro. learn something new every day

  10. Yes my friend that is it. :hello:
  11. Is that fucking made out of copper?!? You cant smopke outta that, youll get lock jaw or something.
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  12. hey not to be a buzzkill... but isnt copper bad to smoke through..?
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  13. I think so, great fuck my life lmao i guess ill have to find something else to use as a stem.
  14. You guys think if i got like a stainless steel bowl or something else besides copper, but still used the main stem as copper i'd be alright? or should i just fuck it and forget about using copper at all? thanks for good advice
  15. i think stainless would be ok, but you wanna make sure to take all the copper off. (atleast the stuff that the smoke goes through)

    you can find brass fittings similar to that bowl you have, i use brass pipe fittings all the time as bowls, and its not bad for you!

    or as an alternative, you could coat the inside of the copper pipe with something..

    but you would definitely need a different bowl either way :p
  16. Ditch the copper completely man, go with glass bowls and stems, its safest and purest.
  17. Alright thanks a lot bro, glad you kept me from lock jaw haha, uhm I think tomorrow i'll take a look around walmart and lows to see what they got there for stems and bowls. You got any recomendations. I would go buy a glass peice but there isn't any headshops around here and i'm short on cash.

  18. or since you're 18 go to your local headshop, order something off the internet, or even find a gas station that sells spoons (they're all over my town and my towns population is only 80,000 people)
  19. haha that thing's sick as fuck

  20. Its so funny you say that I once made a bowl out of copper pices from a hardware store (when i was younger and dumber) I tried smokeing a bowl with a friends older sister and she chewed my ass...

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