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New Smoking Utensil Ideas

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FeelGood, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Well. I failed to not toke until 420, but it doesn't matter. As I sit here blazed I wonder if the stonners and geniuses (is there a difference?) of GrassCity could come up with a completely new, totaly smooth smoking untensil. Take all the bad things you have ever experianced with a untensil, find out what the problem is, and fix it. Then take the new, better version and figure out a new way to toke. I'm thinking about a new type of bong. I'll post a pic later if it works.
  2. until such a device is prototyped just use a bong with icey cold water is smooth as fuck

  3. fo sho, i put my shit in the fridge....i dont need no utensils no more.....
  4. Ugh. Thats not what I meant. What I meant what "invent" a new device. I use bongs as much as the next guy, but I meant make a NEW way to smoke weed. Like a new kind of bong, or pipe.
  5. i have a giant container that some pretzels came in and i want to make it into a giant bong.
  6. This may not be new but I heard about it somewhere and thought it was particularly inventive. I heard about a dude that made a bong out of a fucking SHOP VAC. Apparently he'd hit like an entire 1/8 for big parties and then just have everyone hit off of the reverse function on it lol.
  7. This isnt a new device i was thinking of an improvement on my favorite device. I was thinking instead of water using some kind of solid instead of water in the bong which is engineered to absorb tar and not THC. I was think something to the effect of a sponge and your would have to change it every once in a while (less often the better). What everyone think?
  8. "hey, quit bogarting the sponge..."

    sounds interesting... If you get a good working prototype together I'll beta test it for you :p

  9. HippieJohn has posted pics of a sponge-like thing attached to the bottom of the downstem, but that is used in addition of water to make the bubbles smaller. This leads to better cooling and filtering. Not really new or too much different though.

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