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Discussion in 'General' started by MINDyourHEAD, Feb 17, 2009.

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    What does GC think of my new smoking table. Made it myself... Its only 14" tall so its perfect for chillin on the floor with some pillows ripping my favorite bong or other smoking device with some close friends. :smoke:



  2. Hahahahaha I don't think I've laughed so hard in awhile. No offense man I'm just ripped and I see three pictures of a table.
  3. you look like u really know how to handle wood no homo :smoke:
  4. add some art to it. other than that, that's a damn good table lol.
  5. Um, maybe show the table when it's in use, otherwise, it's pictures of a table...
  6. none taken i figured id get at least some shit for putting the pics up. I would've gotten some pics of me smokin on it but unfortunately im dry... :(
  7. I think its a damn fine table. A wonderful accessory to any ganja filled evening.
  8. Dank table bro :)
  9. You are quite crafty I'd say man. That is a chill ass table it seems and your sure to have many a good time toking and rolling blunts and hitting bongs and whatever with it. THat must have made no sense but yea put some art on it, perhaps like a ying-yang or something would be sick!
  10. excellent for being home made
  11. that's a sick ass table no doubt!
    it's so chill having a sesh around a small table sitting on pillows...ah yes
    you should definitely graffiti that mawfucka up!
  12. i cant hate all i need for a complete smoking experience is a table lol
  13. nice table, just have all your friends and u draw on it and shit when ur high to make it even nicer lol
  14. Put some dank on it and it will be even better, nice tho
  15. so what makes this a smoking table?

    I was expecting a fucking table that smokes.

    Or is atleast smouldering.
  16. Thought id also share that the legs fold in and out with a locking mechanism hidden under the apron. Not sure if any of u care but w/e
  17. i would love to smoke at that table. good choice.

  18. does it start smoking when you do that?
  19. A table made out of pressed kief O_O
  20. Nice table man. You've got definite skill. Good job :bongin:

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