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    I have a feeling this summer is going to be a good one ;). Me and a good friend of mine found a massive massive ravine, goes for a few kilometers or so. We took a hike thorough it and found an empty piece of land beside the river where were setting up a little tent/fort/ base.
    No one can really see us from where we are the place looks beautiful it's only spring now and by the pictures imagine what it will be in a few months, the river is calm, small fishes and proberly thriving with life in the summer. I'm thinking this is gonna be a good long term smoke spot;).
    PS:That fort lol is not even close to being done :)

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    Shhh..there's a dead kid down there in the bushes.
  3. Looks awesome man I love smokin in the woods. I have a spot on this mountain that's way off the trail and there's this huge rock and I mad like a tarp roof thing hangin off of it and I have a couple chairs up there and the view is amazing.
  4. Hah I thought of the goonies too.

    Having access to a cool private smoke spot in the woods is awesome. Your place in canada ( i assume ) is pretty cool. I wish I had a creek closer to where mine is.
    Might not be as cool as that but I put two free pleather couches (with tarps tied down over them while not in use) and a old beach chair out in the middle of 2 acres of woods with a bunch of bamboo growing around. No one knows of the spot. Its a bit of a walk so when ever I bring friends out with me we get in the polaris ranger (mule - atv). But whenever it is just me be damned if I don't hop on the xt600 to tear the trails up a little. Its nice living in the city and having plenty family - owned land out in the sticks only a 40 minute drive on back roads away.

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