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New smoking device.

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by Pulp, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. So a few months ago, I made a thread about getting a bong, and I ended up getting this.

    EHLE Glass - Ice Cylinder Bong (Hexagon Foot) - 250ml - Online Shop

    Now I feel like getting a new toy... I have a little hand pipe for moving around with, so I'm thinking either a new bong or bubbler... I don't want to spend loads, £100 tops I think! I'm not too sure on the makes of things, the EHLE is a really nice bong and hits really well etc :)

    Or should I just buy things to stick onto my current bong?

    Cheers! :)
  2. I like to have one thing in every category.

    A dry glass pipe, bubbler, bong, vaporizer and a decent selection of papers and blunt wraps... Never know when you feel like smoking out of something else.
  3. If you want to change it up and don't have one already, a bubbler is your best bet. You can get something really unique in that price range too. Just look for something fairly big and thick. I love love love bubblers, so I couldn't recommend one to ya more. They hit great and are just an awesome piece to have.

  4. What's the advantage of a bubbler over a bong? And can you recommend any?

    Yeah I was thinking the same, I have loads of papers, a dry piece and a bong. :)
  5. There aren't really advantages that I know of at least. I just think it's more enjoyable to smoke out of them. It's nice to pass around a fat bubbler whereas passing around a huge tube can be awkward and not to mention risky. And bongs only usually give off a few rips before they're kicked, so it's not as much fun when you're just hanging around with friends whereas a bub generally will hit for a lot longer.

    Find a bubbler that you like at a headshop. There is bound to be something that really catches your eye. Bubblers have a lot of room to be unique and special.
  6. if i were you id look for a efw armed perced ash catcher and buy a mouth piece and some k clips, that way youve gotten a a/c and a bubbler for the price of one haha

  7. Got an example of what you mean bud?

    Yeah man I definitely understand what you mean by that... Bubblers look much nice than most bongs! I was looking for aesthetics as well as practicality, so I think it would be a good choice!

    Although, I live in England, so we don't have great 'headshops' - the one in my city just sells plastic crap, and when I asked for a glass gauze for my bong they didn't even know what I meant!

    EDIT is the site for me, got any personal recommendations? :)
  8. Anymore ideas? :D
  9. if you like gravity bongs
  10. you deserve +Rep, your right.

  11. Never used one before! What's so good about them? :)
  12. Make one at home first to see if you like it, it's especially easy. Google directions on how to make a gravity bong, it takes two seconds and they're legit. That's just a glass one, I've never used a real one but gravs are pretty wild. They're very efficient on bud and get you ripped.
  13. Try get you destroyed. Hands down best way to smoke if you want to get knocked out. Im a bit of a gb guru as I've taken thousands of them. Bubbler idea is golden. Can get some really cool designs as well as the perfect piece for all occasions. So get the bubbler but try the gb because they are phenommm.
  14. if you are torn between a bub and a bong look into a mini......imo the perfect piece. Toro, Sovereignty, itza and a few others are all making them now. They usually stand about a foot high with a small bore.

  15. ya man i would go with this
  16. Don't get an ash catcher, I feel like that would be a waste... get a bubbler. Generally cheap, awesome to hit, you won't have any regrets.
  17. you could buy a ash catcher and a j-hook adapter so you would have a ash catcher for you bong and bubbler!!

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