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New Smoking Device need help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rootbud, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. I have built a couple of devices in the past, but i have some serious questions i would like answered before i go ahead with my newest device.

    So recently I went to lowes and bought some very random items, Non Toxic Putty, Filter Hose washers, and Lamp tubes.

    My question falls along the whole Filter hose washer. The reason i bought it was because i wanted some sort of metal mesh that would hold the weed from falling through the socket I got. This is the link to the item i bought...

    I cut out the metal mesh and placed it inside the socket which i am using for a bowl. Now i have heard that smoking with aluminum will release toxins that are extremely carcinogenic, so my question is that; is the metal mesh made of aluminum, and should i not use it? (the site wont tell me )

    I also learned a huge lesson in using putty to seal the whole where i put the slide, I use to be using Silicone II until i realized that the vapors of uncured silicone are methanol and ammonia, so I am now using Non toxic Blue Stik Putty, and electric tape.

    And finally to rap up my long tangent my last question was that the product i am using for the slide are long metal tubes used for some sort of lighting fixture. the package says it has a zinc plated finish. Because the flame will heat up the tube slightly, should i not use it?

  2. no worries man i used to make ghetto ass devices all the time and it sounds like nothing you have is anything to worry about. however a better idea for a screen would be to buy a reusable coffee filter and cut the size screen you need form that. its a much finer mesh and you'd get plenty of replacements.

    actually the best idea is to invest in a glass bowl. nothing and i mean nothing smokes like a nice piece of glass
  3. Thanks for your advice, but aren't coffee filters made from that cloth- like paper? .. I was able after a few try's to cut a small metal mesh but i can take it out if a coffee filter works better.
  4. i really think u shood be fine... if ur that woried a good idea wood be to take a ipod headphone and break it open then wash out the screen and use that... or to go get one off a faucet... go to a plumbing section of a hardware store and get one. or just steal it. also making one out of a bunch of washers works too
  5. The reusable ones are made of some type of metal screen.

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