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New smoker

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Braddock, May 10, 2011.

  1. Well, I'm a new smoker and I was hoping you guys could do me a favor...

    Please upload pics of amounts of weed usually bought

    Such as, a pic of a gram.. a pic of an eighth.. a pic of a quarter... etc

    Please and THANK YOU!

    Edit:: the better quality the better
  2. Eye balling it isn't always effective, if you really need to re verification you should get a scale, that gives you the closest to accurate.
  3. There is a wonderful place called the Stash Jar, located a few sections below this one:

    Stash Jar - Forums

    You have to remember that one strain could be more dense than another strain, so basing a buy off of a picture on here isn't going to exactly be the best thing. Best thing to do, is buy a scale.
  4. Hey man....welcome to the city! I'm new here too though I've done my share of toking. Have ufn.seems like an awesome place really !
  5. Welcome to the club. If you wanna know how much each quantity is, just google it. Or buy yourself a scale lol.
  6. googling it and pictures won't help because the density of the nugs can be very different.

    There is a general area of size but I have seen half quarters that looks almost a quarter and half quarters that look like a couple grams. you need a scale if you want to know.
  7. Alright, yeah that helps a bit lol

    Thanks guys. I guess I will buy myself a scale
  8. Either get a scale, or a gun! A scale will tell you if you get the right amount. But nobody gives the wrong amount to the guy with a gun.

    Just kidding...don't use a gun to threaten people, thats terrible advice.
  9. XD

    No that advice will prolly just get you shot. I think you should just stick with a scale....and get a vaporizer if you can afford it. Good stuff and much healthier.
  10. I've got a bong already. :) but when I start buying eighths and shit later on, I'll probably get a vape too
  11. You can only know for sure eying it out from experience. Some of the denser buds out there may only have like half the surface area of those fluffy buds.

    I bought a scale back when I use to deal with dealers. Or you gotta just tell em' throw it on the scale.
  12. there are alot of factors that come into play when determing weight op. such as denseness, fluffyness, and the size of stems so even if someone did post pics of measurements it wouldnt be able to help you alot. as someone else said invest in a scale or get a dealer that you know wont pinch you.
  13. Get a scale/have your dealer weigh it in front of you.


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