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New Smoker with a few Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Team Pyrex, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I just started smoking a little over a month ago. I have some questions, feel free to address all of them, some, or one. Here we go!

    Grinders: I have decided to purchase one, but I am debating on getting a keef catcher. Would this not, in theory, make each time you smoke less potent, in order to have a stockpile of keef?

    Bongs: I have decided a bong is the best bet for me, as I find pipes too harsh, and rolling a joint for one person isn't practical (I need about .2 grams to get a really solid high). Do bongs differ much from one another? Can anyone recommend a solid piece for maybe $40?

    Vaporizer: I have yet to try a vaporizer, but I am very interested. I believe I want the Arizer Extreme Q. Many bongs I see are $100+, while the arizer is $140. I am leaning towards the Arizer, or perhaps both if I can find a quality bong for $40 as I mentioned above.

    I think that's it for now... thanks in advance for your input!
  2. Grinder: Get keif catcher

    Bongs: Dont get on yet, instead a bubbler because i find new people to weed tend to drop bongs all the time...

    Vap: These things are great get one if you want discrete smoking and a clean high... But dont get a vape that expensive start with one thats relatively cheap like 100 bucks because you might not like the kind of high with vapes (its different from smoking)
  3. Grinder: invest in a good 4 piece grinder! Finished aluminum preferably. Also, put a dime(coin) in the middle and shake the grinder to get more kief!

    Bong: ehhh, its better to invest in a bubbler for 40. Go find one!

    Vaporizer: I've always wanted a pax. You can use the vapor to get high and then use that same bud for edibles after.
  4. The amount of kief you "lose" or collect from your bud each time you grind, is so minuscule that you don't even notice!

    If you want a GOOD quality bong, go with something simple in the $100 range. Otherwise, like suggested above, bubbler might be a better option.

    Vaporizer, I'd buy a Volcano, unfortunately I have not yet won the lotto. I was considering buying an Arizer Extreme Q, found them for around 180ish online.

    Welcome to the city .:smoking:
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    grinder-i imagine the amount of keif that goes through the screen is negligible if you don't shake the grinder. if you are so worried about losing weed and you are going to smoke out of a bong why even grind it? grinders are only necessary for joints and aren't really needed for pieces.

    piece- cheap bongs break easier. i own a cheap bong (a glass percolator bong, cheapest i could find with a perc) and i don't take it anywhere because im afraid it will break. other than that its amazing (though ive been smoking it dry lately because the high is different). if you want something to take around get a bowl or bubbler.
  6. a nice grinder with a kief catcher and a little scientific bubbler is probably your best bet.

    bong: i like the stemless inline. They are doing a lot of cool stuff in cali.

    Vaporizer: mflb is so easy and simple.
  7. Only problem with the MFLB as a first vape is that a lot of people don't know how to hit it right because of the learning curve and end up giving up on vaporizers all together and claiming all sorts of ridiculous things against vapes because of it. Not saying I don't love the MFLB because I do and I've really missed mine after I sold it since I started smoking mainly concentrates.

    OP if you want a vape the Extreme Q or Solo would be great starters, the MFLB is also but you need to make sure to stick it out until you know how to get real clouds of vapor from it.
  8. Cool guys great input. I had heard before you can control how much keef is taken out of the bud by not shaking it. As far as grinding bud before packing bowls... I would imagine that grinding it down makes for an even burning process, which would give more consistent hits, right? That's just what I thought anyway.

    I wouldn't be traveling with my bong, as I don't want to have any additional charges if, God forbid, I get pulled over! I think I will invest in a bubbler to pass, and a solid vaporizer, as none of my friends have one.

    Thanks for your help!!
  9. You hit the head on the nail on the grinder, that's exactly what it is for. I would take the money you would spend on a vape and get a bong. Bongs are much better than bubblers

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