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New smoker with a couple questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Anton, Jan 22, 2010.

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    I first want to say thank you for the wealth of information I have absorbed the past couple months of lurking this site. I have learned so much, that I know more about weed than anybody I know.

    So for about a month now I have been in possession of a 1/4 of some Grand Daddy Purple. It was bought from a club (I live in SoCal) by a friend of mine. It sat in a mason jar for a week or so, because I hadn't bought a piece yet.

    I also bought some edibles. I got two brownies. A friend and I ate half each, he got high and I didn't. We both did it on empty stomachs. I ate the other full one later in the day without eating anything before for about 4 hours. I still didn't get high. So that sucked.

    A week ago I got a small pipe and smoked some of the weed (about 2-3 small bowls). It was amazing I just sat there and watched (well I guess stared) at a movie. I also bought a prerolled joint that he got from a club, but I haven't had the house free so a friend and I could enjoy it. That is not sitting in a mason jar.

    So now I have a 1/4 or so of weed and a smallish joint. The weed in a mason jar and the joint in a thermos.
    How long do you think they will last being stored? Should I put the joint in the jar too? I am going to buy some sativa, is the high really that different?

    Thank you for reading and I will attach a picture of my piece if you guys want to see it.

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  2. Nice piece, And IMO the high a certain kind of weed gives off is mostly depending on you, some will have different experiences than other people.
  3. Yes, i dont know much about storage but I have some info on the highs.

    I am a kinda depressed person. i am always sad and negative and I stress myself out so much when I am alone. I wish I could change. Sometimes when i am high I get a little sad feeling, say about my gf, and then the feeling overwhelms my body and makes me wanna die. I also have friends who are naturally happy and they get great highs off the same weed as me. It really just depends on you.
  4. After a while the weed will get more and more dry. this isnt Always a bad thing. The longer you keep it exposed to the air (especialy circulateing air like near a duct) the blander it will get. but this wont just happen over a short period of time. For long term storeage. bag it and freeze it. But for now, throwing it in the mason jar isnt a bad idea for safe measure. and if at any point your weed did get to stale, try throwing in a slice of apple in the jar for a few hours. Hope this helps

  5. The highs definitely are different....indicas give you a really nice body high, those are for like at night, like cause you won't want, or be able to leave after. You feel amazing, but you're not "stupid" at all, nothing is really too confusing. But a satvia high is like, everythings different, music is eons and eons long, and are like audiogasms. And you can trip out a lot, and everything is amazing, and this is the weed where you get funny ass stoner quotes, because well, you don't understand everything. You're also very creative on this weed (I use it a lot for painting, and writing). And you can leave the house for munchies, and drive easily.

    Both are different, both are excellent, but the best bud is a mix of both.
  6. Here in the midwest, I haven't been able to find anything other than just generic mids. Wish I could try the different strains, but it seems as if we probably get mostly a mix.

    So jealous of those of you with choices...sigh.
  7. NICE BOWL!:eek: :hello:
    I love the colors on it. idk if you said but, how much did that run ya?
  8. The pipe was 15 I think.

    I just bought a gram of "Cheese". I also bought 3 smallish edibles that ran $15 for my buddy. I put the gram in a mason jar. He said the dispensary was kinda sketchy so it might not be legit cheese. I haven't got a chance to look at it really, because I didn't want to stink up my room too much. I will probably look at it later to night when my parents are asleep.

    So the weed wont really go bad in the jar, the only thing that might happen is it gets to dry and then I can put a piece of bread, apple, orange rind in with it? What about the joint I put it in a jar will it fall apart or something?
  9. Hey man just want to say that piece looks fucking gorgeous...I love the you know the name of the shop u got if from since I from Cali and frequently go to so cal...
  10. I don't know. He's only bought from the same place like twice. He did get it from a dispensary, not a headshop. Its a bit bigger than a lighter. I can ask him and pm it to you later if he remembers the name :D
  11. it will just keep cureing and get better and better the longer it in the jar if the jar is atleast almost air tight
  12. It is pretty air tight, it like pops when I take off the lid and my room just smells like bud for like an hour
  13. HAHA then you should be good. like i said keep circulation of new air to a minimum. being in a jar should be the next best thing next to be being in a vacume lol and about your joint question, it shouldnt fall appart the tacky at the edge of paper is activated with the moisture from your tounge and you stick it to the paper wet dont you? ive never put a full joint in a masson jar But i think the worst thing that might happen is that the paper might absorb some moistness too and just burn longer.. but thats not really a bad thing ;)

    Hope this all helps once again! :wave:

  14. Thanks for all the help guys. Looks like my bud will be fine.

    Here is a nug of the cheese I picked up. Haven't gotten a chance to smoke it yet :rolleyes: Hopefully it will be good, my cat sure likes the smell of it

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