new smoker, what happened to me?

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  1. me and my friend were smoking the other night and it was going all well until i felt my eyes start to vibrate... i had been taking pretty good sized hits and then out of nowhere it hit me... this is what happened:

    Were sitting there and then all of the sudden i lose complete control, my body feels like its shaking like there is something in my core trying to get out like trying to bust through my arms legs chest... that lasts for like five minutes. so im trying to get my mind off of it by eating a sandwich then all of the sudden my body locks up and i can not stop staring at my guitar amp no matter what i do and im talking to my friend and all of time is stopped and its just me and him and i keep staring at my amp. After another 5 minutes of that I break out of it, throw my sandwich down with all of my might, run out of my garage and start yelling at god... so my friend comes out and im trying to tell him that im still in this horrible trip. so we go sit back down and im quiet for about 5 more minutes then i decide i should try and sleep it off. I go in and rummage about my house settle in close my eyes and then my heart starts racing like its coming out of my chest... feels like a heart attack and my lungs feel like they are i call my friend up to come back over and check me out... turns out it was all in my head and my heart was fine, than he comes in and sits with me till i fall asleep which i cant i feel like if i fall asleep im going to not wake up. i start seeing all of these cartoon hallucinations whenever i close my eyes...this is all about 30-45 mins in. I finally fall asleep and wake up the next day 80% better. the day after was a blur, i had no sense of time, my 7hrs at work felt like 5 mins... and again i had trouble sleeping thinking the feeling would last forever. Finally today im just about 100% .

    So what happened to me. I read alot about possibly a panic attack. I dont think the weed was laced cause my friend smoked alot from the same batch we got and nothing close to this happened to him. Did i just smoke to much for a first timer.. Please help me out, i dont want to gie up smoking if this is just because im new to smoking...thanks alot
  2. panic attack mate dont freak just dont smoke as much next time! dont know wot the fuck u was doing shouting up at god!! sounds like good weed:smoking:
  3. don't worry man. my first time was actually quite similar except for the vibrating eyes. with me my eyes started moving slower than my head. I would move my head and a second later my eyes would adjust
  4. yea same thing happened to me like my 5th time we had a condo at a waterpark (schlitterbahn greatest weekend ever) and we waked and baked then i went to put my swimsuit on and had the biggest panic attack I zoned back in and felt like I had been in the bathroom for hours than we went on this ride called the dragons revenge and were telling everyone in the line we were dragon slayers and talking in scottish accents it was a badass ride too.
  5. id be happy if my work seemed like it lasted 5 minutes:p

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