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New smoker, how to find a dealer?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by gtothemoon, Aug 9, 2012.

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    i smoked couple times back in high school and i currently moved to new town.
    How can i find dealer? And not get ripped off? give me some tips yo

    Im in texas
  2. its different for every place and every situation really. The safest way is to make some friends and get a solid hook-up. You could still get ripped off mind.
  3. Where in Texas? We get a lot of schwag down here, so even when you do find it, keep looking. You will find better quality stuff.
  4. Finding a new dealer can be a little hard, but as long as you get to know some people, someone is gonna know someone else who smokes, and they have to get it from somewhere, right? Just get to know people and it will happen eventually.

    To not get ripped off, get used to the prices and know how much weed you're dealing with. A little experience is probably the best for that.. but ask any dealer you find to scale it. Also, search GC for things like "how much is an eighth/gram" and you can get at least a little familiar with how much you have and how much to pay for it.

    Just got a new dealer myself, very worth it :smoke: good luck dude!
  5. You're mostly going to have to deal with middlemen for now. Once you find a good middleman and you start buying weight and he knows your serious, ask for a number. Don't expect a hook up right away though. It can take a few days/weeks/month. People don't just give out their dealers numbers... Even my friends who I blazed with for many years, we all had our own dealers and we didn't give it out to anyone. If I needed bud, I'd go with my friend to his dealer and let him grab it, and vice versa.
  6. Yes they are hard to trust and come by.

    Choose wisely young sensai.

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