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New smoker: help please

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ssins, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Okay, I have $180 and I live in Cali. How much dank could I get? Also, where should I keep it? I live at home with my mom and sister and they don't approve of weed. Thanks for the help
  2. You could get a half ounce of good weed over where I live. Which is no where near California, so I don't know the prices over there. But you could get a descent amount. 
    Do you drive a car?
    If your parents don't approve of you smoking then you can stash it in the car. Most of the time it stinks so good that it can smell up your whole room. Vacuum seal it if you can? Put it in a mason jar with an air tight lid? Those are the options I'm thinking of.
    I don't know how old you are but your asking about your parents so I'm guessing your right at 18 or younger. And I'm sorry, but this site is intended for people over the age of 18. Just sayin...
  3. Yeah I'm 18 and I drive. I probably will end up buying a few grams at a time rather than having a large amount to worry about. Thanks brother!
    Yea, that's a good idea. No reason to buy a big ass bag of weed if you have no where to store it.
  5. You could get 13-18 grams depending on where you go and which strain you select. I recommend you check out dispensaries using weed maps assuming you have a valid recommendation. Without a recommendation and no friend, in California, you will probably be ripped off (pay more than you should) considering most people use the dispensaries. 
  6. I do not have a recommendation but I definitely think I can get one. I'll look into it forsure. Also I don't like buying weed I usually just smoke with friends and chip in and have them buy it, it's just super sketchy to me.
  7. I think the purpose of the dispensary is to cater to people like you. Like you. :) I hate buying cannabis from freelance people. I actually never smoked till I got my recommendation for that reason. You will figure it out bro - stay lifted and carry on
  8. General rule of thumb in WA/OR states are $10 each gram. So you should at least get 18 grams or around 2/3 of an oz. A dispensary could charge you like $30 a gram, I've seen. Also make sure you pick up a stash jar or other air-tight container so the people that dont approve wont smell it. Some head shops have good containers that look like pop cans, beer cans, shaving cream, even dog food. If youre smoking in or around the house i recommend also a SmokeBuddy, or a homemade sploof made of toilet paper roll and dryer sheets. Have fun, stay safe and responsible friend.
  9. Thank you for the info my man!
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    Seeing as you don't like dealing with dealers to much, you should buy a large amount and keep it in a mason jar at a friends house, or buried underground in the woods. So you can take littler amounts out of your stash as you need it. So even if you do get busted its not all your weed. Will smell a hell of a lot less also. 
  11. Should be able to scoop up a half zip for $150. 14 grams... If conserved right 14 grams can almost last me 3 weeks. Also when I was a teen a had a stuffed animal that I used to love when I was like 3-4, I made a small slice in its neck and would pull out a little stuffing out and could hide a whole ounce in my little stuffed dog with that filling surrounding the bud, and it didn't look suspicious.... and the dog wasn't any heavier. Good luck young grass smoker
  12. Awesome idea thanks for the tops man
  13. no problem my man. I always hide my shit in the simplest and dumbest spots ever, like would take a black sock, put pipe weed and other shit into a shoe or boot and stuffed it in good and you couldn't notice. But make sure you smell proof your stuff cuz good weed can be smelt easily

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