New Smoker And Id Like To Ask A Few Questions

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  1. Hey there so my name is Steven and I just made a new account this second cause I wanted to ask a few questions I was concerned about. I turned 21 on the 6th of may and I hadn't smoked weed at all in my life, closest was just sitting in a room with people who did it. 

    I wanted to ask about smoking in general and being high/stoned. 

    After my birthday I'd done it a total of 3 times and I want to share those times to start with so you can understand. 

    My first time started off with me and my best friend (been friends since we were 4 years old) deciding to have a drink at his house. Once I got there he said to me we should try some weed for a laugh n chill out. None of us being seasoned or even recreational smokers gave it a try. And who else better than with one of my best friends from childhood? 

    So we got the stuff from someone we know, does it all the time, knows his stuff etc etc. Went back to his and rolled it up and started smoking it. I'd known a lot about weed beforehand without ever being into it, i have a lot of friends who do it and that together with a lot of reading and interest in psychology and the effects different things can have I knew what I was getting into and the mood and how to approach the whole situation. What I didn't really get or understand is how I felt at certain times without me specifically making myself feel that way. 
    I remember we passed it back and forward and being my first time I've read it's best you take it slow and 1 hit at a time which I did. I took one hit and waited a while and never felt anything. Took a second and started feeling it and it felt like that was enough. I stopped toking it after my 2nd toke... wasn't even a big one. But I remember it felt like being drunk a little then it hit me more and everything began feeling heavy and i laughed alot. I quite enjoyed this I thought to myself.. and I enjoyed it for about 10 mins just talking away and watching tv. 

    What happened next I just don't understand because nothing brought it on. I started feeling my legs randomly twitch every 5 mins. I thought no big deal it will just be my body getting used to this new experience. This persisted all through the high... it didn't really bother me. But for some reason my heart sort of wasn't beating rapidly but it was going quite fast. I said no big deal just my body again. But my whole entire high was kind of more about realizing my heart beating and random twitching now and again. Which started to bug me and continued through my come-down but I didn't get any paranoia or anything... I walked home feeling good listening to some music. But when I thought back on it. It kinda annoyed me that my high was just annoying cause all I did was sort of twitch... I never panicked never had any of that I was just annoyed my high ended up like that till it was over. 

    Second time I was with another best mate for basically as long as I remember. We lit it up and I had more this time, i remember when it hit me I was staring at these trees in the distance, watching them sway back and forth.. it was like the trees moved in sync with my body frequency. It was really nice. We sat there in silence for a good while and it was really nice and pleasant. 

    That random twitch came again and it wasn't a case of sitting it out this time... I just said to myself "ohh not again" kind of thing, it's really annoying. Then the heart thing picked up again... just for no reason it's like my good high has to be interrupted or something I can't eve explain it. 

    Third time was on Sunday night just passed. I rolled a small joint... a small one. Had about 3 tokes from it. Same again I had a good high for a little bit then the random annoying twitch would start, then the heart thing... but while this happened I was calm and just sitting there not really caring, it didnt get bad or anything it was just inconvenient and fucking annoying. 

    Sorry that was long but I felt for it to make perfect sense I had to explain it like this. It just feels like when I get high I'm only allowed 10 mins out of the hour I'll be high. I feel good, not caring about anything, then a twitch will come and annoy my high... and from then on I can't get that un-disturbed high back it becomes me being annoyed at the crap that's happening. I still feel high when this happens but it always gets ruined. 

    I suppose the point of saying all this was to see what you all think about it. How do I just smoke and chill the fuck out for the whole hour or so i'm high? I feel like it just gets ruined then I feel like what's even the point... Throughout all this everything was perfect. Everything was comfortable. The fact my high always is amazing to start with.. like a high should be. Then it's just ruined. Everytime... 

    Thanks for reading. I look forward to the replies.
  2. Give it time. my heart used to race as well when i first started but as my body kinda got used to getting high it just sorta stopped. and enjoy the laugh out loud for no reason moments as time pass they get rare.
  3. shit, way to long. 
    step one : buy bud.
    step two : go to a safe place where you can smoke like a bay or the woods or a friends house or your car or outside your window or in your room when no one's home. use febreze to take away smell indoors. use mouth wash and wash you hands good with a strong scented soap.
    Step three : buy or make a pipe. if you cant buy because 'you lost your id' wait in front of a head shop and ask someone who looks cool to buy a bowl for you. look on youtube how to make a bong or pipe. easy as fuck.
    step four : light the bowl with your finger over the whole on the side so the smoke stays in. the whole if for when you finish you bowl or finish you toke if you can handle the smoke release the finger and take in all the smoke in the bowl. see how to smoke bowl, youtube.
    step five : have a couple filling foods and sodas so you dont destroy the place. sodas fill you up.
    you dont need visaline if your smart and your parents dont suspect it.
    Step six : hide all your shit. dont hide in drawer or under bed, hider under the mattress between your frame. put bowl in plastic ziplock for reduced smell. 
    Step 7: dont draw suspicion to your self. your a young smoker so you will act like a dumbass infront of your parents. that why you should smoke at another place then come home while some has wore of but over time you will want to smoke by yourself because your not gonna have friend available to smoke with and your gonna want the bud you buy yo yourself. try not to give direct eye contact to your parents and dont go out to where they are as much till you get to learn to control your highs. bring food in your room because they will wonder why your eating like a pig literally. (go on youtube a see how a pig eats.) 
    follow these steps and you will be ok. get a link to better weed too. better quality is more money or the same amount of money for less but the high is greater, it smells better and it's beautiful. god bless you.
  4. Muscle spasms are a sign of low blood pressure, which the act of toking lowers to begin with, also forcing more blood through your veins (increased heart rate). It's not something your body is used to, so it twitches. It's not necessarily bad for you, as your system regulates as the high passes, but annoying? I can see why.
    Your body will become accustomed to it over time. Stay hydrated before and during your high, and see if that helps. Also, exercise should help keep your veins less constricted and thus more accustomed to the blood flow you experience while toasted.
    Good luck. And welcome to the city, man. This is a great community to be a part of. :smoke:
  5. It's pretty easy to be put off weed after your first few times. A lot of the things you listed were most likely completely ordinary, and the weed just made you more aware of them. When you're high you just need to chill out and accept all the things that are happening, and you'll start to enjoy them.
  6. I'll try that. I had a bottle of water with me at the second time and it was still kinda the same. I will try again before hand though.
  7. Thing is I don't really smoke often at all. I don't have an intention to do it a lot. I like to do it just now and again... that could mean weeks in between. Wouldn't I just keep getting the same symptoms since I won't be doing it that much for it to pass... if so that sucks. I don't want to really do it a lot. 
    If smoking often isn't on your radar, then you're never going to become accustomed to the high and the twitching likely isn't going to stop unless you change your lifestyle. Which isn't very logical, because why would you overhaul for something you like to do on occasion?
    Your best bet is hydration. Gatorade or water. I think it's gross, but tonic water has amounts of quinine in it, which is what relaxes spasms. If you have the opportunity, you can also take a hot shower to relax your muscles. Above it all, just soak up the high, man. Relax the mind, relax the body, chill.
    Not at all, man. It's not all down to tolerance, a lot of it's down to mindset. I was the same the first few times I smoked, now I smoke maybe once every two weeks and each time I'm completely fine because I've learned to enjoy the high and ignore weird things that are happening rather than analysing them. Try distracting yourself with a film or something, it becomes a lot easier to stop worrying about random things like twitching and your heart racing.
  10. Yeah that's good to know I suppose. It's weird though it just happens it's not like i analyse o pay attention to it. It just happens.. then it's happening and it just annoys me and make the high crap. It's annoying. Thing is I like it... and the high is awesome for like 10 mins then always just goes weird... why does it begin good then just turn shit even when everything is perfect. meh.

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