New Slyme Honey comb micro Rig

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  1. Wassup gc fam. My story got deleted (fuckin GC app crashed) so long story short got this new rig for $85 total. You can see the rig itself was priced at $120. But I also got thrown a badass domeless ti nail for 85 out the door since my (old) nail didnt fit any of the rigs. The dude at the shop hooked me up since the nail itself goes for like 40/60.

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  2. Very nice radioactive piece.(not being sarcastic:p)
  3. Lol again be catious of that nail man.

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  4. Im not a fan of honycomb perks. Good deal though. Like YoShytsWeak said, Beware of that nail. Odds are if they gave it away for free its some cheapo nail they get online for like $15-$20 then sell for $40\\$60. When it comes to Ti, name brand or go quartz.
  5. love slyme glass, its on my rig too. dope little piece man, im jealous 
  6. Let us know if you start to glow too. I've always wondered...
  7. Havent started glowing.... yet.
    Call me naive or just being ignorant But im going against the grain on this one. I been using this nail 3 times a day since the original post....I havent found anything wrong with the nail or taste.

    If I do start radiating or my lungs suffer from the titanium ill let u guys know

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  8. Lol, the radiating isn't from the nail man.
    Slyme glass has uranium in it. No joke. Not enough to cause problems, but it's interesting isn't it? It's part of the scare behind using colored glass dabbers. The colors in glass are made with some pretty nasty chemicals.
    I used cheap nails for months too, i never had any issues. But i switched over to a Flux nail by HE for my own health. Eventually, for your own long term health, please switch to a nail from a name brand company. It could come back to haunt you using the nail that came with the piece. You'll be fine for months, but heavy metal poisoning is no joke. For your own health, please shell out 50 bucks for a name brand nail.
  9. Ohh damn. I didnot know that about slyme it just the brand name slyme glasses? Or any peice that has slyme in it?

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    Oh no. Mos def im gonna get a brand name nail. But just not now....I got priorites that wont allow me to drop 100plus on a HE nail

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    I just wanna know how u guys can tell from a pic that the nail is no not doubting just wondering

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    It's just that light yellow green color, and anything with it.
    And we have no idea what we're looking at bro, we see piece of shiny metal that's all we know,,,
    BUT! The color is off, and I know of NO companies that put grade 2 without a brand name. Odds are it's a knock-off. If it's a knock off i guarantee it's not safe to use. it has other metals in it.
    Heavy metal poisoning is not a joke. Look on aqua lab tech, they have a new nail by highly educated for $35.
    And please don't take this the wrong way, no disrespect, it's your life, but i'd stop dabbing until i had the money for a nail. Thats a week of not smoking (t-break), and a new nail afterwords with no worries using it. That's just what I would do. 
    To be honest i used a cheapie nail for months, and i dab way more than 3x a day...
    No issues.
    But i regret it, and wonder what it really did...

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