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    Picked up a new slide from my local headshop. It's a Revere slide, from what I was told; it's nicely made and I love the colors.

    PICS (trimmed up the size)






    Threw up two more pics.
    Let me know what you think.
  2. Might want to resize your pics..

    Nice pickup
  3. revere is the artist, looks nice man congrats!
  4. I resized the pictures.
  5. Nice pick-up! How much did that run?
  6. $35 from a local place.
  7. i wish there were headshops in NJ, but they are underground, so they are hard to find.

    It might just be because im retarded, that could be an issue too.
  8. is 35 dollars a good price for it? it looks really nice

  9. Much better bro! Very nice!:smoking:
  10. Depends on the area. I'm happy with the price, so I think that's all that matters. :smoking:

    One of these days one of those precious SALT pieces they have will be mine!
  11. i feel the exact same way
  12. wow dude, that is a tight slide! I want something quite similar for my bong.
  13. I like it man, it's got the whole "fire and ice" thing going on.

    Nice pickup.
  14. oh my god i just jizzed. that bowl is SO niiicceee. nice pickup man. u shuld mail me one of those.

  15. yeah slide is so dope. nice pickup
  16. i think $35 is a great deal
    that slide looks amazing

    nice pick up

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