new slide, fire bud, milk vid

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by centralsmoke, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. got a new slide today, little one hit bowl.

    fire fire bud, tastes like lemon/lime.


    milk vid, finally took my ashcatcher back from my friend.

  2. Beautiful bud, man.

    Looks delicious.
  3. +rep for the nice bud and great milk shot! How much did that piece cost ya?
  4. $30 cash
  5. That bud looks edible!!
    Nice milk...mooo
  6. nice little piece and very dank buds, but now you need to invest in some rubbing alcohol. ;)
  7. Good deal for a nice slide, killer buds, and clean that bong.
  8. nice, looks like some dank :smoke:
  9. mmmmm nice bong + dank + rep man
  10. i want your nugs. no homo haha. but yea dank ass bud bro
  11. nice stuff man.

  12. why does everyone say no homo for no reason, its not funny, i don't see why anyone would take that in any type of sexual way.
  13. getting some at walmart tonight :)

    got the blue bowl to match the sig on the roor, now i want to get a ice pinch in 14mm

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