New Slide By Big Z "Fire on O.G. Moss" 18mm GonG

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  1. Hi folks. I just went to Heady Glass Art Gallery yesterday and picked up this Big Z 18mm slide.

    3 Color Worked Sections
    1 Sculpted Pull Handle
    1 Milli (That's an OPAL in there. Very cool)
    The color scheme is "Fire on O.G. Moss."
    Signed "Z" on the top of the Pull Handle

    Without further ado...

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  2. nice bowl trikky!
    i love the color scheme...but i love the way it seems to be made so your shake does not fall through

  3. that is one of the sickest slides i have ever seen, bro. what a beautiful piece of glass.
  4. that some sick shit. nice bowl.
  5. Thanks man. Gotta pick up whatever I can get in O.G. Moss, cause they don't make that color anymore.

    I love it too. Thanks for the kind words.
  6. That is absolutely sick. Great buy dude, it's beautiful.
  7. Niiiice Trikky! Sick as shit
  8. Beautiful bowl, that really is a piece of art you have there. One of the best looking ones I've seen in a while.
  9. sickk Z trikky! that milli is a nice touch, the color scheme on that is awesome
  10. very cool slide. lovin the og moss
  11. very sick man
  12. you didn't say how much it costs!
    thats a pretty nice bowl tho, dont break it hah
  13. sick bro
  14. This is sick! I want a whole piece done in these colors.

    I am going to see if they can work my Toro with the decor. Then I'll get a matching inline A/C!
  15. Thanks man. The milli is nice as hell, very smooth. I love the opals, man. Soooo sick.
    I don't discuss prices of glass. And it's not gonna break, lol. Thanks for your concern tho!
    My gut, unfortunately, says no. The O.G. Moss is no longer available, as the company who made it is not making it anymore. In fact, other than very small personal arsenal for many blowers, the only person with a substantial quantity of O.G. Moss is a blower named Mike Fro. He bout 100 pounds of raw O.G. Moss at Champs glass convention last year. They have different Moss colors with the similar sparkle to it, but it's not the real O.G. Moss.

    In fact, the O.G. was the reason I bought this slide. I wanted a little piece of history, I guess.
  16. awesome slide trikky!
  17. how much do the big z bowls cost cause that shit is real sick....
  18. Nice colors for sure, and I like the grip on the side. Nice pic-up
  19. Awesome taste as usual, my man.
  20. Looking good.

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