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  1. So the new patch came out today for PS3 and while it fixed the lag issues many were experiencing, it has lowered many of the games textures. It looks like I'm going to be rebuying this game for pc like I should've in the first place. This whole release has been a mess for one of my most anticipated games of all time. It's sad that they can't release a stable version for the ps3 without lag or shitty textures. Anyone else feeling disappointed in the new patch?
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    You won't regret it. I got it on PS3 on release day, but got the PC version instead a few days ago. One word.......MODS. Plus if your computer can handle it, the graphics are a world better than the consoles on High-Ultra.
  3. I just finished downloading the patch. I gotta run to the store to get a bottle of booze, but when I get back ill check it out (on Ps3 of course)
  4. Ive been playing on my PC this whole time, with full settings even though it recommends medium, and im having 0 issues other than my laptop gets... slightly warm lol

    The only issues ive had are the glitches you cant really do much about... people getting stuck places... quests not activating the next step when you do a step.... weird textures at points (likely due to the graphics setting, but it seems to be a widely reported issue of having weird checker board patters all over the snow n shit in large areas)

    PC all the way lol... consoles i find better for other games, but Elder Scrolls i find nothing but the PC to be my way to go
  5. I just can't get over the shadow problems I'm having. Does anyone else have very blocky shadows that seem to glitch out and move every time you shift the camera?

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