New Skunk Batch, 9 Plants

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  1. I ran out of Coco, which I usually get them to seedling in, so did potting soil. First one popped through today.

    I am planning to maybe plant these babies into the soil and not keep them in pots. I know that the soil by me is acidic, and I have heard that this can turn all your plants male View attachment 2529628 IMG_20181107_155120.jpg

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  2. Man that is some crappy soil.i would never plant anything in that mess of bark and leaves.

    Get some real soil or coco and do those things justice

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  3. As I said originally, all my other plants were planted in coco, them moved to potting soil at the first transplant. I had some beans left but no more budget for coco, so used potting soil that was left over just to see how it would do. I am also planning on transplanting these straight into the grown with some compost and river sand. My soil is acidic, so will give it something to sort that out.

    I am interested to see how less healthy they are compared to my coco plants. If these fail, it's no big loss, just trying to experiment with leftovers

    Below is one of my coco germinated plants just after transplant and another of it today IMG_20181009_133106-01.jpeg View attachment 2531755

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