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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Palmer Eldritch, May 26, 2006.

  1. well its not quite done but here is the upper left corner of it.

    Its built rather large so it can be printed as a wall poster too


    this is how large it will be as the sig
  2. that is pretty damn sweet :D

    i like it alot, nice work bro
  3. I came in here to make a thread about MY new sig, hehe.

    That is awesome Palmer, did you draw that in flash?

    Whadya think of my new sig? Took the pic today...
  4. oh god flash? no way. that program should only be used to draw things that are simple and that are animated for the web. It has a very messy interface for drawing. I'm using photoshop CS2 for this.

    i like the concept for your sig, i think it'd look even sweeter if you put the bowl on the next set of knobs down and cropped more off the top.
  5. Very nice dude..Whats going on with that Collab thing?
  6. people seemed to lose interest. I'd like to see it finished too, but I really don't want to have to fill in the majority of the squares, that wasn't the point of the thing.
  7. looks sweet so far
  8. You use a tablet? I've been wanting to get one of those... I'd like a new computer first, though.
  9. yeah I use a tablet. its fuckin invaluable in doing any sort of graphics on the computer.

    I finished the lower left corner.
  10. awesome job
  11. very nice.
  12. and here is the third corner done. I'm almost thinking of redoing the first corner to make it more like the rendering style in the latest part.

  13. Thats intense. You should write a tutorial or somthing on how you made it, I'm used to just using c4d and photoshop filters...
  14. NICE SIG!! dam!:hello:
  15. Palmer, keep up the nice work

    dont change it, leave how you do it in the first place....thats how it should be done :D

    cannot wait for the final piece
  16. Whats happening with the GC Collab?
  17. dude man i'm willing to continue but i haven't gotten a submission in weeks. I guess i can bump the thread but i got to get those squares. just start calling them again.
  18. i think its done now. I might work on it a little more later when i prep it for printing.

  19. looks mighty fine to me sir :smoke:
  20. Great work.. it looks nice and just wow.. a nice peice there.. i think itd look good as a poster also

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