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New SI issue stoner news

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bstick, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. in this weeks sports illistrated there is a fairly large article about athletes and mary jane. did you know damon stoudamire got busted with a lb of weed.. now thats a true smoker. i suggest if you get the magazine to read it. very good article
  2. can you read it online too? I dont really want to spend my dwindling munchie food on SI... you know though, I think Time or Newsweek had a pretty big article before the election on weed, it was conservatively pro-weed which was pretty cool...

  3. time magazine had a huge article on marijuana. the cover read "Is America Going Pot?" ... it basically gave most of the facts about miss mary jane showing everyone who read it that weed's not as bad as everyone thinks :D all i have to say is... IT'S ABOUT TIME!
  4. xplicitcontent your just full of pretty pictures aren't you... the rapists were a nice touch....
  5. yea, especially tha one that tried tah tap a 40 year old
  6. haha ya the funny part is it says he "attempted" it obviously he probably got bitch slapped and the woman called the cops...

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