new sherlock (name suggestions appreciated)

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  1. Picked this sherlock up for 41 from my lhs, with a hexacomb glass screen. I love it, and i love the little tooth marble that doubles as a stand. What do you guys think?

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  2. thats a sweet sherlock. As for the name. Smoke it and it will come. Its the only way. :smoke:
  3. Indeed. I don't name my pieces until I have a solo sesh with them :smoke: . We get personal :D
  4. fine piece you have there
  5. Wow I'm jealous! Nice piece!
  6. How about milk tits?
  7. [quote name='"philmcan"']How about milk tits?[/quote]

    It's not really that wouldn't look like much.

    Milk tits though are a whole nother thing though, maybe I'll make a seperate thread.
  8. my friend has a sherlock that looks exactly like that and it's name is the loch ness monster lol
  9. Very nice ! :: thumbs up::
  10. Sick pipe man, I like it.

    All of my named pipes are after people. Sometimes I alter names slightly. My little black dry pipe is named Bud Fowler after the first black professional baseball player (Didn't need to change that one). I have another dry pipe named Ilya Bowlvalchuck haha (Ilya Kovalchuck of the NJ Devils). I only think about naming stuff when I am really high though haha.

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