New Sherlock from Local Artist Richmond Va

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  1. Picked this up from Katra Gala here in richmond. Great piece hits sooo smooth and cherries a bowl better then anything ive seen.


    SO let me know what you think! Getting my MFLB tomorrow SOOO stoked, or should i get a incredibowl ?
  2. Sick piece man! Here's my sherlock. favorite piece ive owned to date, besides a few bongs.
    Do you mind me asking how much you picked it up for?



  3. Haha I got it for 45 they gave me 5 off the case which was cool. Thy Sherlock is sick though bet it looks good clean
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    That's a good price for both. How does it hit?

    Edit: I just went back and read where you said it hits smooth. Definitely a good find on your part.
  5. That is an awesome piece.
  6. That is one hell of a pipe. I'm gettin a sherlock this weekend too:D. Hopefully I can find one like that.
  7. big repping RVA!
  8. stemless bubbler!!
  9. I can totally dig a nice sherlock, and it seems that's what you have there.
    So I totally dig it.:smoke:
  10. Should have gone to Green House Glass man, way better selection and prices.

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