New Sheldon Black Double Bubbler -- Pics + UPDATED Milk Vid(s)!

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    I was too faded and posted a teaser thread. Forget that one and here is the real deal.

    Picked this up last night and absolutely am in love. It is a 18mm Sheldon Black double bub...each tree has 6 arms, and the upper chamber has a plug hole for easy filling and cleaning.

    This thing RIPS. I haven't gotten that high in a while!

    I am looking for a 90 degree ashcatcher, any suggestions?

    On to the pics and video:








  2. the shitty pics and even shittier video don't do it justice!
  3. 72 views and no replies? Guess it wasn't a good pick
  4. wtf man what is a bubbler? like a triple chamber bong?
  5. So sick! consider me jealous lol

    Nice milk btw
  6. Looks like it rips like a champ. I just picked up a 16" sheldon black strait tube bong saturday and it has definitely been worth the investment so far.

    Enjoy your hot momma of a new bubbler :smoke:
  7. I really like that! SB has some nice stuff out. I was thinking about getting their 6-arm bubbler...before I knew this thing existed...nice pickup!

  8. Yeah I was eyeing the single chamber 6-arm and it came out to $100 exactly less than this one. This is basically my dream piece and it was love at first sight. I couldn't say no (well my wallet could lol)

    Yeah, I was looking at a 16" beaker with the 7 arm downstem too. So nice!

    Too much. I got it from a Dementia in the valley and though they make Sheldon Black and said they had the best prices, I still am not sure.

    It was marked $450. The custom sheldon black case was marked $50. Got 20% off both (lowest they would go) + tax. So it was $440 total. :eek:

    I thought all day today if I should have gotten a bigger, maybe more elite bong, but I already have a 2 footer, as seen in my family pics thread (its for sale lol). And I have always been a closet bubbler lover. Especially one as unique and beastly as this.


    Hahah. It could be considered a mini-bong I guess. But its definitely a bubbler because of the moutpiece shape, stand upright and bowl on top style too.
  9. New better edited milkshot video I just made...I am in love with this piece.

  10. i bet that was so smooth nice!!!!!!:smoke:
  11. I don't understand how that even works, been a while since I couldn't figure out... anything. Lmao. Must be something I'm not seeing. How does it get from the top chamber to the bottom...
  12. I stood in the store for 20 minutes trying to figure it out. Finally did. They are sneaky!

    Smoke goes through bowl, down through first tree perc, through water up into top chamber and then in between all the arms is a tube with an open top that leads down to the lower tree perc and chamber. It is very well concealed and protected from splash from bubbbles etc. I though it would create drag since the smoke only can travel through the 1mm or so between the trees to get to the tube 5 times (6 tubes, with 5 hole between them)...but it obviously has no drag from vids. From there it goes to the mouthpiece etc.

    I think this piece is pretty unique in that the smoke flow goes top to bottom to top again. Instead of bottom to top like a normal piece. It just looks cool to see the chambers fill in the order that seems opposite to your mind and eye.
  13. whata mindfuck lol
  14. dude.. that thing is badass. Congrats!
  15. wait im confused why is there another joint with a stopper in it? is it designed for two bowls?
  16. I wondered the same thing. So, I went down to my local head shop and the guy told me they are for pouring water in so you don't have to pour it down where you put your mouth. I think it just makes things easier. The guy from my LHS said he even had to call Sheldon Black to ask them what it was for and they told him that they get that question all the time.

  17. as I understand it tokin is right. It is for filling it and emptying it. Don't have to pour dirty water through the bowl hole. It only has it on the top chamber so the mouthpiece joint doesn't come into play but yeah.

  18. as I understand it tokin is right. It is for filling it and emptying it. Don't have to pour dirty water through the bowl hole. It only has it on the top chamber so the mouthpiece joint doesn't come into play but yeah.

    Also...I have 14mm glass joints that connect to tubing...I will experiment with a 2nd person using that hole. I believe if they suck lightly they can get a mini-hit while i take the brunt of the hit through the mouthpiece.
  19. Thats odd, this video from kulture from a little while back explains it differently, like the carb was meant to possibly draw/clear through only one chamber. Either way I really like that piece, its nice to see a large badass bubbler that doesn't have a huge bong like mouthpiece. If I bought a bubbler I'd want it to hit like a bubbler. Good pickup. [ame=""]YouTube - Sheldon Black Double Bubbler[/ame]

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