New Sheldon Black Ash Catcher (29mm Joint, 6 arm downstem)

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    US Tubes is 9mm with 24mm joint.
  2. let see more pics an some milk
  3. Give him some time to break it in.

    That's a sick ash-catcher man, wish it was in my collection.

    Is that a 7 or 9 mil us tube? Where did you get it, a head shop or online?
  4. Thanks man, it's a 9mm with a 24mm joint. I've bought it along with all of my other class (excluding my RooR AC, diffys, and vaporizer) locally.

    I'll post a milk vid/pic tomorrow if I have time. Here's another pic till then.

  5. That is a nice ash catcher is Sheldon black a good brand or wat?
  6. Im really jealous of that setup,
    ive been eying a 9mil, 24mm beaker myself...
  7. It's been my go to piece since I got it. Like it lots!
  8. I bet man, im curious how much that tube weighs. Ive got a cheap 16 inch gong piece and its 750grams.
  9. Sorry if this is a dumbass question but, is a 29mm the same as a 25? I have the same US Tubes as you and the dude at my LHS said a 29mm wouldn't fit because the 4mm difference was too big because I was trying to get the 10arm LW diffy on ALT.
  10. yer thats lovely man, I def wanna get one of the 6 arm perc'd downstems as soon as my new piece delivers. Got to be my next purchase, but the problem is the majority of them as 14.5 joints for bowl and 18.8 for the joint to bong. I have no 14.5 bowls so that would have to be the next purchase lol
  11. Not the same - I've tried to fit them myself and it won't work. The arms of the downstem won't even get by the joint. You need to get a 24mm downstem (they seem kinda rare, though US tubes make 6 arm and shower heads in this size).
  12. It's heavy as fuck. I had this skinny girl over awhile ago and she could barely manage passing it.
  13. haha, do you have a scale? Sounds like you'd need a bathroom scale for it, but im curious. My digi weights up to 1000 grams, but i know that us tube weighs more than that.
  14. No scale unfortunately, but with ash catcher it feels comparable to a gallon of milk.
  15. you can kind of see the thickness here

  16. I love seeing milk in us tubes. You could play baseball with one of those things.
  17. Alright yeah thats what I thought the case was but I just wanted to check, I know I broke the 7Arm US Tubes downsem I had but now I have the showercap so its allll goooood :)

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