new shade of green

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by thedanksta, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. hopefully no one cries this time
    im postin more pics
    its totally different
    smell and taste
    it tastes like candy sweet sweet candy

    here ya go
    i know you can see the difference

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  2. Ok i was just making sure it was different, and i can say each one does look slightly different. Its obviously some good looking bud. How big are each of these buds? Cost?

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  3. I too would like to see a size comparison as well as a price. Just curious. Looks good, mmm...

  4. hey

    does anyone see that last picture as 2 frogs humpin?
    Oh my god FROGGY you're right!! That is ridiculously funny!!!
  6. i ususally get about an eighth a day or a half eighthy,

    runs me 40 to 50 an eighth and i pay 20 for halfs.

    i also have a shitty camera, cuz im a cheap ass

    and i dont wanna go buy another one cuz im lazy and stoned.

    but yeah we smoked 6 blunts yesterday of that stuff i posted

    3 in one sitting but 6 throughout the day.

    i actually felt i was hallucinating,

    i packed the popper like 10 times too.

    but yeah we get potent bud around here

    well there is some dry stuff goin around right now,
    its mediocre

    but the bud i get
    even if it looks similar its totally different, smell taste crystals

    i think most of it is my shitty camera, when i get around to it

    i'll get a better one , but until then i post what i post

    thanks for not bein jerks

    fo sugady

    same batch just has a purple tint to it though
  7. hhahahahhahaaa

    oh yeah pic

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  8. Lookin' good as usual Danksta. :D
  9. heres a lil nug next to a penny

    i just took this pic and i have no light in my house right now

    its dark so it might look shitty
  10. ok im fucked up

    who likes keg beer whoo hoo

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  11. so it does......i can't stop laughing..........Peace out.........Sid
  12. I have some of thi same stuff man... has some dark red hairs

  13. lol im not even stoned but i see it :p
  14. dude is it just me or does he post to many pictures of tiny lil buds all the time
  15. wow, really does look like frogs...

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