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  1. so this is my first high end tube and its badass ill get some better pics up later but this is what i got for now


    its a sovereignty and its got some real nice work on it... guy at the shop said hes had it around for a couple years, he may have said that about another one im not sure i basically critiqued every sg in the place before i bought this one and im happy:smoking:

    ill try and get some better pics soon gotta wait until my girl is feeling up to it
  2. Nice SG old school
  3. heres a few better quality ones




  4. WOW! So clean! I love the work on that! Very classy tube.
  5. can you get a close pic of the slide? Sick ass SG man. The more i see these, the more i want one lol

  6. thanks man that jah is gonna look tiight on there
  7. ohhh thats you lol.
  8. Damn, that is seriously nice. Old school as well, hold onto that thing and cherish it...there probably isn't too many of them.

  9. true that.
    i think sov is my favorite tube crafters right nurr
  10. nice sg man you grab that from opm?
  11. yeah opm is the shit a little pricey but the guys there are really cool and easy to talk down if you go in there with the right attitude
  12. yeah opm is the best shop in the area imo and that tube was sittin there for awhile I almost bought it but ended up with a 8 arm beaker instead
  13. Very nice straight shot. With SG killing the perc'd toobs lately its nice to see a single chamber once in a while.
  14. very nice dude sweet old school SG

    havn't seen any non perc'd SG's lately and its a refresher for sure!

    loving that work man so clean, so classy, so SG!

  15. thanks man i love this thing, it was between this and a us tubes disk diffused and i am glad i picked this one i feel like its a very elegant piece, the dude at the store said that steve? from sg the owner? (this is what he told me i dont know) blew it before he brought on a full team to blow for him and that this is a serious collector piece like i said i dunno but i love it!
  16. ya Steve is the owner of sovereignty glass.. well it goes for toro's too, people pay more for work that is JP's own.. same goes for every company that blew up you know.

  17. yeah, i jus wasnt sure if he was bsing me or not but when i saw the labels on all of his tubes were low and horizontal and black i knew he was atleats halfway right, the new ones are all vertical yellow and they all have sweet triple percs or some crazy shit but is there anyway to be sure if steve made it or not? anyone have an older sg for comparison?
  18. I was in OPM maybe 7 weeks ago and there were a bunch of similar SG;s in there. OPM owner was telling me that the last time he went to whoevers house(maybe steve) that there were like 30 or so of those type Sgs just sitting in his garage, and the OPM owner said he just grabbed all of them,.

    Very nice lookin tube, i almost bought one but it wasnt wat i went in there for so i didnt. wat was the price if u dont mind.
  19. I'm pretty sure they're all made by the same person.

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