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  1. Hey guys. So I have to redo my entire setup. SOOOO I ordered a 4x4x6.5 foot grow tent, with mylar walls ofc. A 400W HPS and MH bulb, dimmable digital ballasts for them, and a reflector. I cannot afford a fancy cooltube reflector or any of that stuff. So it's a 'normal' reflector. Check attached pictures to see. And the extractor fan is this: . The extractor fan will be hooked up to a duct which will direct the air flow into the ceiling. Whatcha guys think? I understand that the extractor fan is only 240 CFM, but I cannot find any other ones on amazon that ships to my country ):
    There will be no carbon filter. Will this setup work? Or do I need a better extractor fan?

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  2. i needz halps ;-;
  3. Try it and see. I can't speak for their brand of duct booster, but the one I bought couldn't keep a 250w cool. Best bet is to give it a test run. Had a ventech inline but they're cheap and it crapped out after a few years. Hydrofarm makes decent inlines for around $10 more than the ventech, last time I checked.

    Don't forget to put a desk fan blowing right on your bulb and across your tops, removing all that heat from the plants.

    400w is a respectable light, I used to pull 12 ounces off mine with little effort, no threadwinner but it's still a lot for a beginner. I was in the same boat as you but I found a brand new air conditioner in the basement. Barring that you can leave your grow open during veg when light leaks are irrelevant until you get a better fan. I grow in a cool dark basement and don't even bother closing my tent during flower anymore, but I didn't know these things back when I started.

    Good luck bro.
  4. What type of inline fan did you have that couldn't keep your 250W cool? How many inches and CFM?
  5. What type of inline fan did you have that couldn't keep your 250W cool? How many inches and CFM?
  6. The duct booster I tried was from home Depot, it was 6", and I don't remember the rating as this was over 5 years ago. But it moved about as much air as a good pc fan.

    I have some experience with that brand, but not their boosters. Could be a good quality fan, but it's still an "axial" type so I'm not very optimistic about their claims. Duct boosters are rated for cfms, they don't generate them. A "250 cfm" duct booster is rated for 250 cfm systems. Not that it actually generates 250 cfms on its own. People use them maybe every 10 or 20 feet of ducting to maintain airflow, as that's all they're designed to do.

    The people who put your kit together didn't do it for free. They're either charging an arm and a leg for good equipment, or they're cutting corners and selling you inferior gear.

    You'll see. Let me know how it works out.
  7. Those type fans are trash, prolly move half what they say if that... Not worth the money Imo... The 6” one I got barely move enough air to vent a 2x4x3 little clone cabinet I built an used cfls for lights.. it's just to let them root while waiting for a spot in the veg tent. But yea don't waste your money seriously.. ventech sells a centrifigal fan on Amazon look into those don't use that type if u want to move any type air..also get one with a speed controller
  8. Oh an btw ,don't forget u get what u pay for , the other fan I was talking. About that ventech sells aren't very good either I mean they move a crap ton of air but both mine only lasted 3 months. They replaced them both but still... The bearings go in them.. spend the money get a nice fan not ventech or Apollo spend 150-200 bucks.. u gotta figure it's gonna run constantly prolly more then anything else...

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