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  1. Nearly finished my second grow and hated every minute of it (soil) compared to my first grow in coco.

    So I have decided to go with my first ever hydrophonic setup. Also I have cleaned out my grow tent of any contaminants and have give a good spray of insecticide to get rid of any stray beasties.

    This is what I have gone for -

    4 x Nutriculture Flo Gro FG 500 Systems

    1 x 400w hps/mh (hopefully will be upgraded to a 600w just in time for flowering)

    1 x 120cmx120cmx200cm Grow Tent

    Metrop MR1 + Metrop Amino Root for Veg

    Metrop MR2 + Metrop Amino Bloom for Flower

    Red Rock Hydro Balls

    60w LED(for seedlings)

    Seeds will be germinated into shot glasses of distilled water and then placed in rock wool which in turn will be placed into a grow chamber with 60w LED. Once first set of real leaves starts to commence then I will transfer the rock wool into the hydro balls and water for 30mins every 2 hours. Feed Water will be changed every week. Feed solution will be PH 5.8 after bring the down the ph with some ph down.
    For veg I will be doing a 19/5 light cycle and flower obviously 12/12.


    If anybody has any tips or tricks for me regarding this kind of setup then please let me know.
    Also any recommendations regarding seeds for a hydro setup ? Was thinking about Big Bud ??
    Will changing the light for a 600w at the start of flowering cause any problems ?
    The pumps in the Flo Grow 500's are adjustable should I set them on min or max, max = 320 ltr/hr ?
    Do you think the water feeders should be below the red rock balls or on top ?

    Thanks in advance for the help :)








    This is the insecticide that I used to clean the tent -

  2. cover the drip system(my opinion)

    you need to get your rockwool cube much lower as well... you should not see it.. just the leaves of the plant

    i love your build, wish I spoke french to read your labels...

    your nutrients look hot to me, but I cant wait to see how it works out

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