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  1. I made this setup today for my plants as i was planing to leave the them in the sun during the day, the put them in here at night. It is a platic buket with a lamp light sitting in the top. Will this be alright for a 60 Watt bulb? Do you think the plastic bucket will melt if leave it on for say 5hrs ? I have enclosed a pic of both my plants and the bucket.

    Any helps is appreciated.



  2. Hey Bro, This is probably a bad idea. I am not saying it wont work but you could have seriouse problems later on. If your going to grow them outside the keep them outside. The power of the sun is way way way way way stronger than a 40w lightbulb. This is def not a good idea. why are you trying to go from inside durring the day and bring them in at night?:confused:
  3. Cheers mate
  4. Is that a regular incandecent light bulb?

    If it is than just quit what your doing now and save yourself alot of disapointment, go and read some books or stickies on growing then come back with serious questions.
  5. That bulb wont work. buy some CFL's. theyre cheap and they work well. the bulb ur using wont produce enough light. i been there done that.
    Also when those plants get bigger you will need to transplant them into bigger pots so your setup is too small so yeah it probably wont work.
    Best of luck.
  6. Hey bro, dont be mean to this cat just because he has some questions that may seem stupid to you. You dont get answers without asking questions. He is asking for some help and the last thing that he needs is someone trying to make him feel stupid so just lay off. :mad:
  7. Cheers science, I havent actually used the setup BUT i was asking if it was worth doing it but got shot down for being a noob.

    I have looked through most of the stickies to stop myself being a pain in the ass and heaps of similar post but they dont specifically talk about MY setup. The only reason i was tossing up to have the in the sun in day then put them under a light at night was so that they possibly got bigger faster etc.
  8. What you've got there is a homemade version of Mattel's EasyBake oven. It cooks with an incandescent lightbulb in a small enclosed space too.
  9. Hey Bro, dont let these cats make you feel like you cant ask questions. And dont ever feel like any question you have is a dumb question because the more you know the better. But yes I would not do what you were planning, it has bad news written all over it bro. If you are wanting to put alot of hours on your plant then grow indoors on 24/0 or 18/6. I grow my setup in 24/0 light setup with ebb and flow hydroponic system under 1000w lights. And my plants seem to love it but not all strains do soooo be careful bro. Later:wave:
  10. First off I never used the term stupid. I would never do that. But I did say ask SERIOUS questions.

    See, the problem is that some people are too lazy to do their homework themselves and come here and to other forums and ask questions that you can find answers to in the first chapter of any cultivation book.

    I understand this is the absolute beginer forum and I dont mind beginer questions where it seems as though the person has at least attempted to learn a bit before asking.

    When that happens I will "lay off".
  11. well said. the absolute beginners need to start off reading the 4 or 5 stickied threads at the top, just like i, and many others, have done. if you read it like you said you have, you would have known that an incandescent bulb wont do much except make the plant hot.

    now, to be helpful, switch the incandescent to a CFL bulb (cheap at any local hardware/walmart type store). your bin will work fine for another week or so, but you will run out of space soon. A few options are:

    1) cabinet
    2) a big trashcan set up similarly to that white bucket
    3) closet space

    read some more threads and explore the options.
  12. Look here bros, alot of times the things that you read can be unclear. Just because he wants to get some literal advise doesnt mean he hasnt done some homework. This is a beginner thread so in my oppinion they can ask for any advise they want, its not like there asking you to grow it for them. Thats the problem with you people on this forum is that your not in it to help people that have questions, which I think is bullshit. Thats what people join forums for is to ask questions. If you dont like the questions that newbies have then stay the hell out of the beginner threads. Nothing pisses me off more than people who think they are too good to answer somebodys questions. The last thing we want is for this kid to get discouraged and not want to grow because you cats are being dicks about the questions he is asking. The more people we have growing the better. So like I said before either lay off or stay the hell out of the beginner threads. God damn its unbelievable how these cats act in here clarke, when I joined this forum over a year ago I thought that I was joining a community that had a similar want to help people with thier grows or to get help from people that are willing to help. Thats the reason why I dont post that much is because it seems like people only want to argue and not offer any help. Bro, if you have any question what so ever that you feel like your going to be critisized for, dont hesitate to send me a private message, I will tell you anything you need to know and that goes for any other newbies that dont want to deal with these cats in here that think thier too good to answer your questions.:mad:
  13. Hey Clarke,

    I was just like you when i started but never posted untill i new abit first.

    1. CFL's are good in my eyes but i have a (125 Watt 5U, 230V 50Hz - 2700K REDSPECTRUM) used it all the way from seed and im now at 9 days into flowering, link is in sig if you fancy popping by and taking look, you might even find some questions answered (only if you ask though):D.

    I would recommend this for a simply setup for 2 plant:

    Small grow room like ummmm... small cupboard at least 4/6ft high 3/4ft wide.
    Four 40w CFL's fitted to a Two way light fitting, then hang them up.

    You will need to transplant the plants when the roots start growing out the bottom of the pot, (remember to put at least 4/6 holes at the base of the pot not HUGE HOLES just pencil thickness). use a little tea plant for the base for the plant.

    Get a nice size fan which wont blow to much air on the plants as they are still very young (might not even need one yet).

    Could say more but this will do for now bro,



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