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  1. been saving up for a while now and bought a new tent and light yesterday. moved my plants that were in a cardboard box with tin foil. the plants were beginning to grow into the light in the old box and the two 60w leds were not enough. i am battling fungus gnat infestation, but i seem to be winning using a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, fly tape, and neem oil.

    old setup:

    new grow tent & light:

    this is my first grow and its bagseed
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  2. Have you flip to 12-12? They will double to triple in size so if you still want to have space in new tent you should flip like today or yesterday lol
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  3. i was going to flip in a day or two because i wanted to see how these plants reacted to the lights, but if that's going to be an issue i will flip now. thank you.
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  4. truthfully, what would be an expected yield off of these plants. i'm not expecting a lot honestly because of how i started them out, no training, basic soil, bagseed, etc. maybe like quarter oz a plant maybe a lil more/less?
  5. Nobody can tell from looking at pics not even Georges Servantes. That being said you can expect 0.5g per TRUE watt of power (not the so call 400w or 1000w led are advertised and sold as) . If you don't fuck up / harvest too hearly!
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  6. Flip now, they will double in size dude.

    I had a gnat fight too, clay pellets on top of soil helped and fly traps. Water once the pots are light, gnats love the water.

  7. hydrocrunch 300w is the light i have
    its in miracle-gro potting soil
    alaska fish fertilizer 5-1-1
    bone meal

    and that 0.5g per watt of power is that for one plant or both plants? like since its 2 plants would it be 0.25g per watt basically lol

    gnats seem to be dying since i switched to the tent. some of em are dead stuck to the side of the mesh vent on the side lol. i dont see any flying around and i cut out the fly traps because they stuck to my leaves when the plants were in the box without me noticing in the back. two of the leaves are ripped at the tip from being stuck to the fly tape. i used some neem oil and 2 drops of dawn in a spray bottle and they seem to not like it lol. next grow i will use the sand method as preventative measure. a big part of the reason i believe fungus gnats were my problem were my makeshift box had no seals on the top and the front
  8. Hydro crunch is 120w of true watt so for both plant you can get 60g. If you have any other light source (CFL, other led, neon tube...) put it all together !
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  9. i was growing the plants under 2 60w led lights that aren't full spectrum just normal lights. i should put them in as well? will do once i turn the lights back on in a few hours

    basically 2 of these
    Philips 60-Watt Equivalent A15 Dimmable with Warm Glow Dimming Effect Medium Base LED Light Bulb Soft White (2-Pack)-536649 - The Home Depot
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  11. day 7 of flower right now. the plants still seem to be vegging during 12/12 though because i see no signs of flowers yet or sex. going to do some light defoliation on the bottom leaves probably today.

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  12. Very impressive growth. Nice healthy bushy plant. I doesn't even show you had a week of stretching. Don't worry about flowers you should really see them in next few days.
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  13. Give it a week or two and you will notice the transitions. Keep a close eye for pollen sacks/males.
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  14. ive been trying!! i started to notice some burn toward the bottom but i cut my fish fertilizer and i just topdress with 1.5 oz bone meal every 3 waters. just watering with normal tap water that i let sit and some hydrogen peroxide for fungus gnats. im growing in miracle gro and its hot soil so i dont want to overfeed the plants because of the delayed release nutes in the soil. im planning to grow one auto next and i am preparing already have 5gal fabric pot, foxfarm ocean forest, and botanicare nutes and liquid bacteria mix

    the males all ive been worrying about, but to be honest im kind of hoping for one to be male and one to be female so i could take one out and grow one big plant under the light bc there not too much space. also wanna see the difference in person for first time
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  15. day 18 flower

    i took one of the plants out because it was getting crowded out by this plant was receiving little light. dont really know what it was, but luckily i got a female!! out of some bagseed im pretty happy rn. i also transplated the plant into a 5gal and washed as much of the miracle gro off of the root ball as i possibly could with some distilled water and put it into fresh foxfarm ocean forest and am just watering with 1 gal distilled water no nutes. i dont want to burn the plant at this stage by introducing nutrients when there is fresh nutes in the soil already. will begin to use nutes when deficiencies occur. regardless, did this like a week ago and the plant has showed no stress signs even right after and seems to be growing even better now!

    edit: sorry for the purple lights, cant really see well, but in the last picture good color and shows sex!!

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  16. Awww yea lil weed tithes pokin out to say hello, keep up the good work man
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  17. just a question if you can tell - does this plant look more like indica or sativa from leaves? i can post better pictures if needed and thx!!
  18. Pretty fat fan leafs id guess indica, are the fan leafs at the very top closest to the light starting to take on a taco shape?
  19. here is a pic of the plant under the white lights

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  20. Your light might be just a litttttle too close man it looks like they are slightly heat stressed there at the very top

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