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  1. here are the pics of the new set up.
    the first is the dresser itself as you would see when walking in.
    the 2nd is the interior of the dresser with all the stuff.
    the last 2 are of the light signature when the room is black.
    (front and back of the dresser. the back allows more light as the fan is mounted on the back.)
    any comments or advice would be great.


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  2. thats tight bro, hella stealthy! are those 55w floros? if so get some more of those badboys in there and u should have some nice ass plants! also i believe that plants recieve more light if the floro is pointed down at them.... just a thought
  3. Looks good.
  4. 135w cfl. (each)
    i had thought about trying to hang them upside down but the one is a large desk lamp and the other is a normal size lamp. the difficulty is in getting it all to flow together with them upside down. (space constraints/etc) i am terrified i'm going to damage one of the lamps. i am, however, going to get some small chain so i can effectively raise/lower them as needed without having to untie this and that and risk damage. i may try 1 or 2 more in there just to see what i get.
  5. btw - just placed 2 more seeds for germination. if they come out gtg, i will add them to the mix.
  6. took some advice and revised the lighting layout of my box.
    see photos.
    once i change the bulb housing in the middle, i will be adding a 3rd cfl.
    doesn't list the ccr rating but has a 2169 lumen rating and brings the total wattage up to 405.

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  7. let me ask this in case i'm getting this all wrong.
    the cfl bulbs replace standard 135w bulbs and utilize only 30w. so am i correct in stating that these are equal to 405w total or only 90w?
  8. No, its the actual wattage that counts. Even though they may be as poweful as 135w incandesents, they are only, what did u say? 30 watts? Yeah anyways if they are 30 watts then you need more lights for each plant. Im talkin about 50 watts minimum per plant.

    Thats dope that u changed the lights though, they get way more light that way. Where in that dresser are those plants? the top?
  9. added the 3rd light. it emits a different tone the the other 2.
    (good or bad?)
    right now there is only a 4" fan in the rear. anything larger kills the purpose of stealth box.
    (unless i use the 19" fan that is also in the room)

    the lights are close but i don't know (since this is the first time growing) if the sprouts are reaching and needing attention or are in good shape. (the plants are in the middle of the dresser. i'll get a picture set up so you can see the unit as a whole with the plants in view)

    check the photos and let me know.

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  10. unit as a whole

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