new set-up room lighting questions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gaboi, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. I bought a 8x10x7 building to put in the back yard and I want to have enough lighting to have 18 plants. I am goind to split the room in 3 setions 1 grow 1 flower and a blank section in the middle to move around in I am going to be using the rubber maid hydro set ups so I will need lighting to cover a 2x8 are for growing and a 2x8 for flowering what type and how much light for each
  2. you want a MH for vegging and a HPS for for size...400w to 600w in each room will work..if you get an air-cooled hood for each light you could hook them up together, keep it cooler and the lights can get closer=more buds.......
  3. Thanks bud what about watering how offten and how long I will be using the flora nutes
  4. Any tokers got any advice
  5. Your questions "what about watering" and "how long will I be using the nutes" would be better answered with a couple hours of reasearching and absorbing information from the forums. If you actually intend to grow with bubble buckets you will need a thorough knowledge of how to maintain your reservoirs.

    That said, you should read Rumpleforeskin's "let's build a bubble bucket" thread, and also look up the Lucas Formula. I would build two 18 gal rubbermaid bins for each side and hook them up to remote reservoirs (one for flowering, one for vegging) so you could easily add food/draw samples. Best of luck to you!

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