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  1. What would be the cheapest route I could take to produce a quality grow as a setup (lights, etc..)
  2. [quote name='"kyconnect"']What would be the cheapest route I could take to produce a quality grow as a setup (lights, etc..)[/quote]

    There are so many option available. I suggest you put some time into doing some research. Your space, budget and expectations (how many plants and how much yield you want) will depict your choices. Start with researching cfl lighting. People are very helpful on here and you will find that the more you try and help yourself.

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  3. You might as well asked. "I'm hungry, what should I make?"

    What do you want?
    What do you have to work with?
    What do you know?
  4. you need to learn more
  5. Are you looking high intensity lighting or cfl? Do you have a spare room or do you live in an apartment where you have inspections? More than just price plays a role your legality also plays here too
  6. Should have mentioned a few of those sorry. I plan on buying a large storage cabinet and storing in my garage with lights & fans inside.
  7. And just a few plants to start off with thanks so much with the help everything is totally different when you're actually going through this process
  8. How big is the place in feet? how many plants specifically? and to the nearest hundred how much start up cash do you have?
  9. Learn more and start small and develop. I started with a few CfL's and got a little experience and slowly added stuff as I learned. To many blades want someone to spell it out for them. You gotta learn what is good for your personality, needs, and possible environment.

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  10. Lots more research my friend =). Took me several months of reading to get to the point I am ready to grow. I start next weekend. But if you are on a budget you could always just buy a couple 55 Gallon trash cans, put pot in the bottom with decent soil and plant. Attach a 100+watt CFL light to the top of the lid and grow. That would be quick and cheap. Would suggest only one plant per can.
  11. The dimensions would be (L x W x H) 5x3x6 1/2
  12. Thanks for all the info guys I like to hear how yall started and what your set up is now
  13. I started with a few CfL's in my bath tub and some bag seed. Using bottled nutrients.

    Now I have a 600w light in a 5x5 closet in 7 gallon pots using organic soil water only. Am about to add another 600w light if I can. Have about 34 different strains to grow. I run 2-3 at a time but want to run 4.

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  14. Well I start next weekend but I will run you through my setup.

    I am running in a 5'X3'X6' tall grow cabinet made of plywood and 2x4s. walls all painted a matte white. My lights I got from a friend, I am running a 4 light T5 at 24", and 4 light T12 fixture, all on a rack that lowers to 12" above the plants with Hooks on the ceiling and chain, also have 2 CFL lights with reflector and 150watt cfls. These cfls are located on the bottom sides of the box pointing back up into the bottoms of the plants, giving more light. Going with a home made aeroponics system. 40 Gallon tote, with submerged pump pushing through pvc piping. The chambers with the hydroponic baskets are vinyl fence posts, the pvc pipes from the pump run into the fence posts and blast the nutrient solution on the roots of the plants. the fence posts are angled down to drain back into the 40 gallon tote. I am using a 440cfm fan pushing through a carbon scrubber for the exhaust, and the intake is passive creating a vacuum. On the other side of the passive in take is a desk oscillating fan pulling air into the grow box, but also blowing on the stalks of the plants to strengthen the stalks. Box is light proof using caulking in all corners of the box. I am using the florecent bulbs for a couple reasons number one is not to worry about heat and number 2 is to save money on electric. I have AK47 seeds that I am going to use.

    Upgrades that I am going go for are, a Scrog screen to help control the amount of plants I am putting in the box.

    Also right next to the Grow cabinet in front of the door to the box is a 55 gallon trash tote. I am hanging another 150 watt CFL from the lid, painting the walls of the can white. I am using this can as a dual purpose clone lab and isolation chamber. The plan being run my grow and then the top performing and healthiest female plant I am going to pull off all the clones that I need plus one. The one that I have extra will stay in the trash can isolation chamber using a soil medium. The main clones will continue like main grow but the one in the isolation chamber will be treated with Collidal silver to force it to make pollen sacks. I will collect this pollen and fertilize a single bud in the main grow room. This bud will produce nothing but feminized seeds. I will have entire other generations of AK to grow and all plants should be genetic clones of the clone plants that I use in the second generation and all plants should be female. I will take another couple generations of clones from the next few grows. I will then move to another strain and repeat the whole process.

    The way that I clone is to use a bubble cloner. I take a large folgers plastic can and run a line into it with an aquarium pump pushing throw an airstone. Will only use clean water in the bubbler, take clean cuttings from the mother plant and cut with steralized razor at a 45 degree angle. Cut holes in lid in the shape of a square. Take make up squares and cut to fit the square hole. Make a cut into the center of the sponge and place clone in the sponge. Make sure the tips of the clones are in the bubbling water. Also have been told to cut the leaves of the cutting in half, have been told this helps.

    So there is a lot of DIY in my grow. but I am thinking everything should be good. I am putting everything together this week and will be operational this week. I will post pics of the setup when done. Might even make a DIY of all my equipment in this forum. For the bulbs to my lights I have 2 sets of bulbs. One set is blue or in the 6500-7200 for the Vegging period and then 2400-3400 for the budding.

    Thinking about upgrading the light in the clone/isolation chamber to a 4 fixture t5 24" for more light. If not making a plant to grow the pollen for seeds I will use the chamber to grow an additional plant. I will use the LST method on this plant, to conserve space.

    Hope my description of my setup will inspire you to come up with your own setup! I got ALL the answers and know how I just said here on GC so search some threads, read a bunch of other people's threads. Then post questions to fill in the gaps of your knowledge or to make sure you understand what you read. Have fun the people here at GC will take good care of you, just ignore the trolls.

    (Sorry I am super high at the time of writing this so I apologize for rambling lol)
  15. Thanks man that sounds nice post it on here too id like to see that! Sounds like you put in alot of work so far, goodluck

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