New set up. First grow.

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  1. After 3 weeks of growing under cfl bulbs in a shower, and a lot of beginner fuck ups, I finally upgraded and got a tent.
    The plants are unknown .
    Fucked up and put them in slow release nitrogen soil.
    Didn't transplant into big enough pots when I changed soil . But it has been a good learning experience and now I have everything I need with all nutes and knowledge.
    2 2x2x4.6 tents
    2 4 inch carbon filters
    Only 1 light for now 450w meizhi
    Oscillating fan inside
    Fan behind vent window as well.

    I have liberty haze, and Skywalker og on the way, as well as the full line of nectar of the gods.
    Will try to keep these 2 in 1 tent while super cropping, in 3 gallon smart pots, and once my seeds arrive I will be getting a second 450w for my second tent!:)

    Appreciate all the knowledge anyone has helped me out with. Happy growing, much love!

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