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  1. Found these bag seeds in some high mids look any good?

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  2. the colour is fine but it almost looks like there are little craks on 2/3 of them...or maybe is it just the reflection?? if there are no craks they should be fine I reckon...
  3. I think thoes are just like dark stripes on them they aren't cracked at all.
  4. well then... start germination and see what happens :smoke:
  5. then they are good to go bro. only way to tell is to germinate them. if they crack then plant them.
  6. Thanks broskies

    How do yall germinate them I've heard so many different ways to do it.
  7. you can just plant them in some vermiculite and keep it moist, put them in a jar of water, take a few paper towels, moisten them, stick the seeds between a few of them and cover them, and put them in a dark place. that is warm. warm, dark places for the two methods that arent just planting them in the ground.
  8. I use paper towel method, only one I ever used and it has always worked for me..... but the thing is that they all work... just get them moist, keep them moist at the right temp and they'll pop if they are alive!!!
  9. How do u guys do that paper towel method?
  10. ok. get 4 paper towels. wet them down. put two of them on the bottom of a piece of Tupperware. put the seeds in there. cover with the other two. put the top on the piece of Tupperware. store in a warm dark place. do not let the towels dry out. the seeds should crack along the edge and a little tap root will shoot out. when it gets about an 1/8th to a 1/4 inch long, plant them in their own pot with the root pointing down.
  11. absolute beginners section check the stickies.... germination 420 or something is good.... plus many others,
    good luck
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    Thanks man this is a huge help bro
  13. its no problem. you just inspired me to germinate all the bagseed i had. i think 17 seeds in all. it was from my last pickup. just some good ole mexican brick weed. so ima have some decent sativa when im done:)
  14. Yummy maybe can swap some of our finished product that'd be so tight. But not very easy to do Hahah. :)
  15. lol. the postal service would shit themselves. lol. they would think a skunk died in a package. lol.
  16. Yeah they'd have a big hissy fit lol
  17. or else they would get baked and all get fired, pushing ups into the forefront of package delivery:p
  18. Hahaha that's what I would do if I were them haha.

    Quick q you can germinate them all in the same tupperware container and paper towels right?
  19. yea. but when you plant them, one plant per pot. lol. are you doing indoor or outdoor?
  20. I'm thinking to conserve energy prob both like outside when its sunny then under the lights when its shitty and night time.

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