New seeds for next grow and Cheech and Chong

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Turbo123, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Happy Chrimbo all round.trying to pick a couple of new seeds for next grow.I use a 19"x32"x60" closet,grow in soil mix,used a 300 watt dual spectrum Cfl,might be switching to 250 watt HPS.It's only my second grow so I'm still a newbee with little experience.I like the plants to be of medium height,easy to grow,good yield,same flowering period and femenised.I read in the forums about exotic sounding seeds.AK-47,White Russian etc.Any advice gladly welcomed.

    This bit is for older stoners.Cheech and Chong had a wee song that went " No stems no seeds,You dont need,Acapulca Gold is some badass weed" I sing it alot,makes me smile.i smoked some of APG in the US in the Seventies.Then i discover I can buy Acapulca Gold seeds!!! Frigging brill.Fingers crossed, end of next year I might be able to fire up a joint of APG and sing Cheech and Chongs wee song! Neat or what.I'm stoned now and it seems brill now,wonder what I'll think in the morning,lol.

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