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  1. hi all i just germinated a couple of seeds from this site it has more info on what seeds it is cannabis-seeds-uk
    its the first time i ordered from them and i done the water in a jar method then to a paper towel on a plate, ive planted the three into a small container with soil and vermiculite and covered with food wrap.

    my question is, at what point do i consider the plants in the first day of vegetation? should i have the plants under some light immediately? thanks for any info.
  2. It's not a plant until it sprouts - that's when you count. It doesn't have to be immediately - seeds do sprout at night in nature. Good luck.
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  3. thank you!
  4. Some say Veg begins when the seedlings break ground, others when the 1st true leaves come in..still others, when the seedling is transplanted from a small container to larger quarters..Really does not matter though..veg is veg..some veg for a few days (some even go 12/12 from seed!) some for a few months..With Photos it is up to you:)
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  5. Cheers for the info!
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