New Seedlings Issues ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Osgode3, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. First timers have 5 seedlings in cups with pro mix

    First 2 have popped out first one had helmet on and has died

    The second one is not looking great ....... Thoughts ??[​IMG]

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  2. Soil, light, water schedule, temp?

    Gotta give us more than just a pic.

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  3. Hi. Pro mix. Is that hot for seedlings? Siol nutes maybe too strong.. is ya siol miost and warm? If wet it will kill drowned rot ya seedlings love xx
  4. Pro mix soil
    No lights just in kitchen 71 degrees was told not to put them under lights ?
    Watered by spray 2 days ago soil still moist

    Any help appreciated ....does the sprout look normal ?
  5. Hi. Ya can grow in normal kitchen if ya climate rite but i wood never reccommend no lights!!! I live in uk though but no matter were ya live a seeding/plant needs serficiant light sorce. they look a bit rotten to me but pics can be deciveving! Try again with proper equipement or soil etc . Did ya plan on growin outdoors? wat is yr climate? Is it a good seed? do u av ph tester etc? Wat is temputure? Seedling looks rotton or old .. is this due to cold etc? How long av ya ad it on window in kitchen? X
  6. Pls give all info on wat and how ya plan to grow and dun so far live . Its hard to say without all information. Thanks love x
  7. dont need light...but once they are above soil it's time fo some lumens

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    These will be grown in our grow tent have had it completely outfitted .
    Ph level is 6.4

    I used the pro mix soil that everyone in Canada recommends

    Have put them under our lights hope that helps

    The other 3 are just sprouting thru soil hoping they will sprout properly now under lights ??

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