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  1. Hey everyone,

    New around here posting but I’ve been using this place for tips for a while. I’m having some issues with two recently sprouted plants that are showing lime green new leaves, drooping a bit, and their growth seems to have slowed to a crawl. I propagated them on October 4th, put in started cubes on October 7th, so they are about two weeks into growing at this point.

    Using a Spider-Farmer SF4000 right now at 30" above the plants on about 20ish percent on the dimmer with a PAR of 250-270 umol in a 4x4 tent. Humidity stays between 50-60%, temp between 75-85 F (end of summer makes for occasional hot day in the tent. I haven't bought a proper oscillating fan, so I keep the front open and a floor fan about 5 ft. away on low which seems to circulate the air well without overly stressing the plant stems. So far have not fed them any nutrients and feeding them distilled water with a pH of 6.0 out of a spray bottle to try and avoid overwatering.

    I have experience growing, but by no means an expert here. Open to any suggestions! Thanks guys!

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  2. whats the mix? Is your "soil" that woody/mulchy throughout or is it just on the top?
  3. This is the mix. It’s a local organic blend that was recommended for early sprouts by my local nursery.

    I stuck my finger down below the top soil and it seems to be a finer blend below. I was a little curious about the wood chips also but figured I’d try what they nursery recommended.

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  4. If it were me, I would sift that soil bag and remove all wood chips prior to transplanting with it. I would then test moisture and soil aeration and adjust accordingly (most likely adding more perlite)

    Wood chips will lower soil pH, making it more acid. That is a good thing for acid loving plants like evergreen trees and shrubs, but might be bad for other plant species.

    You are right to be concerned about over watering since wood chips retain so much moisture.... best of luck!
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    pretty sure they are all but dead unless you act quick
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  6. Thanks for the info! I was a concerned with the soil pH also, so I tested it yesterday and got an even 6.0. A few days ago I gave them what I feel like was a slightly heavy handed watering, so I waited a few days and didn't water them to see if they recovered. I stuck my finger down to my second knuckle and it felt dry last night but they didn't seem any healthier, so I gave them a light spray last night. The root growth on the bottom looks healthy and was growing pretty vigorously on the taller one but seems to have slowed with the leaves.

    I was getting all brand new tent and equipment dialed in at the beginning of their lives so I'm wondering if they just got stressed early on or something?
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  7. distilled water has zero value
  8. How many times did you fuck up when you started growing one year ago? I'm not quite sure what inspires you to be a douchebag to new grower's, but it's pretty childish.
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  9. you are right about that i want to apologize to the op and wish him luck they may still survive if he does something fast i just hate seeing sad plants when a little homework could have avoided his problems
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  10. All said I do appreciate the feedback about the water, because I'm pretty sure that is what is wrong with them after researching some. Trust me, I've been reading plenty, but a big part of learning this stuff is knowing what questions to ask. The water at my house is slightly alkaline, so in a moment of not thinking things through I went with distilled because the pH was correct. Didn't even consider the mineral content of the water. Felt a little dumb afterwards but that's part of the learning process.

    Thanks guys
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  11. I doubt it's the's the soil you're using.
    This is what they should look like at 2 weeks old.
    14 days 11-8-21.JPG
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  12. Been suspiscious of that too. I've always used Happy Frog or Fox Farm so this is a new one but I got sucked into the "local organic" pitch. Kinda wishing I would've stuck with what I know.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. I'm gonna jump on the "soil problem" band wagon, looks like your seedlings had just enough energy from the stored sugars in the seed to sprout, but has been unable to establish a proper root zone to fuel further growth (for any number of reasons, such as wrong PH, bad drainage, soil formulated for different type of plant than cannabis, etc), if this is the case, I'd expect them to keel over in another day or two.

    I base this off the fact that you are doing most things about the same as I do besides the soil.

    I have 4 plants (2 photos 2 autos) I germed under an SF-4000 back around labor day.
    During those first two weeks from sprout, I also set light intensity to around 250-300 umol/s

    I keep the tent around 80ish F, with an RH of anywhere from 50-75%

    So the only real difference I see between your grow and mine, is the medium, if you scroll through fast its like a flip book show,showing my first 20 days or so of growth (pics are about 4-5 days apart)
    4997001.jpg 5090.jpg 20220914_172308.jpg 20220917_092706.jpg 20220921_154155.jpg

    I wish you the best, and hope maybe you can save them, but as someone who has killed more than a few seedlings, if I were in your situation I'd mix a new medium, and pop some new seeds.

    Smarter folks than I have also posted more than a few threads about making your own soil if your a do-it-yourself type.

    However you choose to go, best of luck mate.

    If your curious, for these photos, the medium is roughly 65% straight happy frog out of the bag, and 35% OLY mtn fish compost from builds a soil website, I throw in 1-2 handfuls of perlite as well. They get roughly a shot glass of water right on the rooter cube at the beginning of every "day" cycle, and once a week like 2ml each of silica.

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  15. Thanks so much! Very insightful. Great to see someone using the same light as I have only used Black Dog in the past with wonderful results but those lights are across the country in storage unfortunately.
  16. No prob mate I've been trying out the SF-4000 for 2 grows now, and its a good light, maybe a great one for a 4x4 space you can definitely pull some fat buds. However, like most QB lights, it seems to do better with scrogging out rather than direct canopy penetration (no actual data to back that up though, just casual observation).

    Its no black dog or cali lightworks, but the SF-4000 can easily fill a 4x4 with quality buds. (to be honest though I think the equivalent output Mars hydro or HLG lights do about the same job imo if those brands are more to ones liking) It is very quiet, but tends to add about 5-7 degrees F heat to a 4x4.
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  17. These are my seeds at ten days, 14 days ,and 3 weeks plenty of light and organic soil IMG_20220923_122156216_HDR.jpg IMG_20221009_144314842_HDR.jpg IMG_20221020_115732898.jpg
  18. the soil has perlight and vermiculte for drainage and after i repotted them i just barely water them to get the roots searching but in you defense the first week is critical i wasnt sure what mine would do i bought the seeds online and only 2 popped but thats all i was needing anyway you can always start over and not lose much time
  19. Hey guys,

    made the unfortunate decision to start over with all the right variables in place. Just sprouted this in an 80-20% mix water and peroxide. Got pretty quick tails after about 18 hr. This time I’m starting them in Fox Farm Ocean Forest and a coir pot for east transplant later. All the same light, humidity, etc as before so hoping for better results!

    Any further advice is greatly welcomed!

    Thanks guys
  20. This is the new soil. Much better looking.

    Also a throwback to my last grow before taking a break for a few years. Purple Punch grown under 1000W BlackDog LED. Some of the best I've ever grown!

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